Dating Advice for San Francisco Men You Can’t Afford Missing

san francisco stuck up bitchy womenMany guys in San Francisco have a rule – they won’t date anyone who lives outside of SF or its immediate surroundings. In some ways it makes sense, as these guys try to avoid dealing with the convenience of driving for an hour or more to see someone  after a long day at work or during the little free time they have on weekends.  However, they have no idea that by excluding the women who live outside SF, they are actually excluding the better women and settling for the other often inferior kind.

When you limit yourself to dating women who live in SF, you settle for a group of females, many of whom, if not most of whom, are seriously lacking in the femininity department, which automatically turns them into substandard potential dating partners. By refusing to even consider meeting women in the East Bay and South Bay, you are settling for meeting women who are either:

(1) FiDi recruiting/marketing start-up slaves who are obsessed with getting the corner office, deluding themselves into believing that their dreams to “make it” in the city are so cool that they are worth sacrificing whatever it takes to get there. Some of them are tall and hot. Some of them just think they are hot. Most of them look the same and they have the same room-temperature energy. Just hop on Bus 1 or Bus 30 during the rush hour to get a taste.  Unless you want to date a woman who is going to run her mouth about how accomplished she is and how she can barely fit you into her schedule, she is not going to be your cup of tea.

I am tempted to make a separate category for the Marina girls, but they are just a subset in this group. Let’s just call them junior Fidi slaves for the sake of the argument.

The same applies to Dolores / Mission / Noe Valley. Dressing down and not combing their hair doesn’t hide their fundamentally douchy nature, and if you look closely, you will notice that the guys there are the same FiDi cocksuckers and tech-slaves that you see in the FiDi. And the women are the same bitchy princesses that crawl in and out of their Montgomery cubicles every day, before ending up in the same stuffy, crammed yoga studios and are getting drunk in trashy sports bars way more often than they should.


(2) The opposite kind – the underdressed, unwashed looking, bike riding vegan rebels, who are just as bitchy and bipolar as the first kind, even though they might not be as stressed out by their pointless, corporate jobs;


(3) The “normal” girls. This is a small group of women who mostly live in the inner Richmond / Inner sunset / Nob Hill areas. Half of them are lesbians, and the other half might be your suitable dating partners of decent quality.

As you see, your pool of women worth dating in SF is quite limited.

However, once you realize that it’s worth driving for thirty minutes to one hour to expand your geographical reach, you will open yourself to the possibility of meeting so many women who are both more physically attractive, more feminine and more normal. As much bad rap as Palo Alto and San Jose get for being full of ghettos and for having a really bad male/female ratio, many women who live there have so much more to offer. And while Oakland / Berkeley has its own share of lesbians and feminists, they still have plenty of women who are seem to be so much warmer and down to earth than their Westerly neighbors. They don’t have the “I live in SF” chip on their shoulder. Their voices and their demeanor are much softer. Many of them still believe in traditional values, and they life’s mission something other than trying to their penis is as long as yours. And last and certainly not least – on average they are so much more physically attractive .

Don’t sell yourself short. Do yourself a favor and drive out of this feminatzi camp. It might be well worth your effort. When it comes to women to date – the “bridge and tunnel” crowd might be the best kept secret in town.

The Marina – Where Women’s Brains and Beauty Meet on Very Rare Occasions

the marina ugly sporty womenmarina unattractive athletic girlsIt appears to me that the Marina continues to be populated mainly by two types of women:

1. The small minority of physically attractive but unattractive in every other way, obnoxiously bubbly, a- few-years-out of college ho’s, who very actively participated in their college debauchery, went to spring break in Cancun / Florida, and involved themselves in other degrading activities. They seem to  continue riding the cock carousel every weekend by hooking up with random guys in one of the local trashy bars (i.e. – any Marina bar), till they are well into their mid thirties and even later, and who are way overdue for rehab and very frequent AA meetings.

2. The rest – these are the suprisingly physically unattractive ambitious overachievers. They went to one of the top schools in the nation (mostly Brown, Cornell & Stanford). Their bodies are extremely fit and muscular, while their faces are extremely unattractive and at times (especially on Sat/Sunday morning) are downright scary. They always have their exercise attire and sunglasses on. Their faces look not only unattractive but also angry or at the very least – extremely unfriendly. These are the girls who stand in line for coffee at Peet’s on Sunday at 7:00 am after they already ran a few miles, and this is also the time when they look their worst.  Coffee is their first stop before having they get their organic, overpriced breakfast.

I can only imagine how refreshing it would be for anyone to run into a woman in the Marina who is (1) professionally and/or academically accomplished; (2) both fit and attractive; and (3) has a friendly demeanor without looking either angry or overly happy/bubbly.

drunk marina girlsdrunk marina girls

Lulu Lemon Clones

herd mentality lulu lemon in san franciscoI really think that the recent controversy concerning stem cell research and cloning should extend to the San Francisco women who wear their Lulu Lemon uniform way too often. The overpriced yoga attire seems to be the dominant fashion among (white) women on weekends, especially in the Marina and adjacent areas whether these women are on their way to or from yoga, or whether yoga has never been on their agenda at all. So much for sense of uniqueness and creativity in the city that purports to be cutting edge in just about anything. If that’s the best that the local “urban” and “accomplished” women can do, then they have a long way to go toward claiming that they have a sense of style.

I like looking at women who wear yoga pants just as much as the next guy, and I am not at all offended by the protruding camel toes that I get to see on a warm Sunday morning on Union st, whether it’s through black or grey spandex pants; it’s the herd mentality of these women that saddens me and sends a not-so-flattering message about them, as they blindly imitate each other’s style without giving much thought or putting any effort into seeing if they could come up with anything more interesting and more eye catching to wear.

I am hopefully that sooner or late women will be liberated from this monotonous yoga fashion and will let all the other many choices they have, including summer dresses come back and accentuate their femininity. And if, while doing that, they will also take off their sunglasses and headphones every now and then, all the more power to them.