The Real Reason for Social Media Addiction Is…

addicted to facebook…pretty simple. For many or most of us in SF life is utterly boring, and there are not too many better options of spending free time than texting and sitting on Facebook. What would happen if texting and Facebook were taken away from us? What would we be doing today with all this new free time?

Don’t blame Facebook for wasting your time. They have no real competition when it comes to taking up your time.

Don’t worry. Facebook doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so you can continue enjoying snorting it at your leisure, or even better – at work.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training Texting at 24 Hour Fitness

There is a new (or not so new) fitness craze in town. It’s called high intensity interval training texting – you work out for 1 min and then you text or check you facebook for at least 5 minutes. For optimum results, do 10 intervals of this and then tell everyone that you worked out for an hour. You might just sound so convincing that you will start believing that yourself.


Tech Induced ADD Will Only Get Worse in San Francisco

ADD texting in San FranciscoTired of e-mailing/texting four questions and only getting an answer to three of them at most?
Fed up with people not listening to your voice messages and just calling you back, dragging you into unnecessary phone tag, wasting more of your time and theirs?
Notice more and more how people’s eyes and mind wonder while you are telling them an important story, which is slightly longer than usual?

– Me too.

But let’s not take it personally. You can’t expect their mind to be as strong and as sharp as it used to be. Our brain is just like any other muscle. You exercise the right way, it will become stronger and more agile. You let it sit idly or engage in activities which make its faculties decline and the mild retardation signs will necessarily follow. Sitting on Facebook, mindless texting, IM pinging, IM, and movies that require minimal intellectual effort are not going to sharpen their brain the way reading classic literature,  watching intense dramas, learning how to play a musical instrument, and memorizing mathematical formulas used to. And considering how socially acceptable the common manifestations of ADD are today, why would anyone think it’s a big deal?

Underlying, italicizing and writing in ALL CAPS still helps somewhat in dealing with ADD, but not for long….

I wish I had good news for you, but I don’t. Things will only get worse. Today, it’s still considered rude when someone who you are talking to looks at his phone or even worse – texts at the same time. However, is it becomes more and more common, soon it will become the norm.   Our tolerance for mediocre ways of communication will dig our own social grave.  The only way to stop it is to start telling people  – “Pay attention, or I will walk away.” in so many words, but who has the balls to do that?

How Texting Poisons Love Life in San Francisco

texting habits in san franciscoNeedless to say that texting is a very useful tool when you want to communicate something quickly directly instead of ending up in an endless phone tag with a friend or a co-worker. However, texting can be a real buzz kill when it comes to those initial stages of romantic interactions. Sure, we are all busy and we don’t have time to pick up the phone and talk for hours, but that’s not an excuse to reduce any relationship to texting, unless you simply don’t enjoy talking to the person you started seeing or have been seeing, in which case you have bigger problems to worry about.

It’s ironic to me that while women in San Franicsco complain that the men they meet text too much and don’t call them enough, many of those women themselves avoid talking on the phone and settle for typing rather than hearing each other’s voice.  Contrary to what some might think, you don’t have to hang on the phone for hours with your friend or a romantic partner. Even a few minutes or live conversation with someone you like and hopefully care about have way more impact that a thousand texts.

Texting should be the icing on the cake of other means of communication; it should never and it can never be the cake itself. I wish that men who start texting a woman they just met, instead of calling her, knew how non-confident and even pathetic they come across to that woman, as she would probably assume that he doesn’t have the guts or the personality to call her. I also wonder how many women start perceiving the more mature men who only text them as some kind of adolescents who haven’t grown out of the instant messaging world. Besides depriving a woman of that exciting anticipating of getting a call, a guy who texts the woman he just met instead of calling her and asking her out is almost as lame as the guy who gives his number to a woman instead of asking for one.

I am probably too naive to think that calling will be back in style in a few years, just like colored denim and big wrist watches on women, but I still harbor that hope that sooner than later people will realize how much they are missing out by reducing their relationships to texting. Efficiency is a very useful quality. However when it comes to flirting and romanc, efficiency is not always the first priority and it often needs to yield to other, less tangible values, such as personal and live connection.