Have Her Cake and Eat It Too

make-up cake San FranciscoFiDi women are experts in covering their faces with layers upon layers of make-up. Hiding physical blemishes and imperfections with cake is one thing, but how does one cover up the attitude problems? Fake smiles and pleasantries don’t cut it, because they are all too transparent to anyone with the most basic intuition.  And alcohol induced genuineness hardly counts…

Attitude on Bus 30

attitude on bus 30 with sunglasses

Attitude on Bus 30

I am not sure how long looking like a harsh and angry woman on a bus has been considered cool, but it is certainly a widespared behavior today. There are creepy guys out there who this kind of behavior would away, but there are not that many of them. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of people on a bus, especially Bus 30, are not looking for any trouble, so this kind of cold energy is unecessary. It’s easy to say that the reason people look and act like they are so unapproachable is because they are shy or insecure about their communication skills with strangers,  but I would still love to get into their minds to find out what possesses them to separate themselves from the world that way. Buti, I know that I am not going to get a true answer. Instead, they are going to feed me with some kind of innocent bs, such as “my eyes are very sensitive to light.”  My recent guilty pleasure is to watch how people, who wear sunglasses in relatively dark place, struggle when texting, as they can barely see what they are typing on their phones.