The Newest in US/SF Slut Fashion

leather-skirtLeather skirts – they are hear and they are big. If you are “fabulous” woman in SF, it’s time to accessories, so it makes you “best” attributes stand out?

No ass? No problem! Just act like you have one? Not sure what I mean? Go down to Chestnut street, watch and observe. And don’t forget to buy a skirt that’s one size smaller than it really should be for extra effect.

Make sure you get that super unfriendly, I-am-the-shit facial expression going (i.e. cuntface) to compliment your attire and make you look more ambitious, confident and independent.

Oh, and if you can find a skirt of a color that literally screams “attention whore”, go for it! You better hurry and run to “American Apparel” before your credits cards are all maxed out on make-up, shoes and holiday gifts.

orange leather skirt attention whore