For Women: How To Look Like An Attention Craving Desperado

  1. Wear tight white pants with open toed high heels.
  2. Gesticulate wildly to make sure everyone notices you.

attention whore san francisco


SF Women Are Never Off

I often hang out at a downtown cafe and hear the same conversations between women taking place at 8 pm or later  – “I am so busy and stressed out… this week has been crazy, my boss this and my boss that….” The appear to leave little to no time for themselves and for things that are not work related. No wonder their attitude and energy is what it is… Pity.

Message to Women: You Got What You Wanted

You were complaining for years how men “disrespect” you by checking you out, staring at you, trying to hit on you, and now what? You go out to fancy, douchy bars after spending many hours and hundreds of dollars on clothes, blow drying your hair, and putting tons of make-up on. You act all desperate, trying to be noticed by acting all too excited and all too loud when out, and no one hits on you. Men don’t even look at you, let alone check you out. Is that you really wanted?

Stop Chopping Off Noses

It has become completely acceptable for women to  destroy their faces in all kinds of ways, the most prominent of which is probably cutting off noses. Most women don’t need and actually look less attractive and weird with abnormally straight / pointed noses.

persian girl with a nose job

She must have been better looking before she shaved her nose off.