Incu(nt)bation Period

How long do you estimate it takes for a normal woman to get cuntified upon moving to SF? Based on personal observation, it takes about 4-6 months to develop manly inflection in a voice, joining crossfit, wearing sunglasses for no legitimate reason, being constantly glued to i-phone, and having nothing else to talk about besides  career, restaurants, yoga, and Napa.

Sweet and innocent looking fobs – an antithesis to a typical local female. 

One Female Hobby That Can Be Safely Abandoned

Analyzing guys’ text messages is as common of a hobby among local cunterati as it’s pointless. I seriously doubt that much thought was put into those messages by the guys who write them. And, the authors of those messages are probably not deepest thinker out there anyway So, do yourself a favor, and do something better with your time. Maybe… there is a sale at Sephora today?

eating brain at fueling station

Eating a friend’s brain by reading meaningless text exchange with some guy.