How No Straight Woman Should Ever Sit



When You Really Don’t Use It, You Truly Lose It

saint frank coffee san francisco– He: “they don’t have internet here, but you are welcome to use my hot spot”
-She: looks at him without saying a word until he realizes that she needs a password, which he promptly gives her. She then turn back to her computer without saying a word. Not even a thank-you.

I have noticed an undeniable pattern in women’s total inability to make a conversation with a stranger / guy on the most basic level in the most typical, casual situations. It’s hardly surprising. When no one ever talks to you or even compliments you when you are out, you forget how to talk and how to respond to strangers. When no one is trying to make eye contact with you, you no longer know how to handle it when it comes your way. The social muscle of handling minimal awkwardness associated with having the most basic interactions with strangers has been completely atrophied thanks to social media and online dating. A woman who hasn’t been approached by a guy for any reason for years will have a really hard time maintaining eye contact and have a normal conversation with a new person who is talking to her today for whatever reason.

Most skills in life require both learning and practice. Talking to strangers is not an exception. And the above mentioned social / flirting paralysis is a very sad but expected consequence of spending way too much time making an eye contact with a screen and talking to people through a keyboard of some sort.

Incu(nt)bation Period

How long do you estimate it takes for a normal woman to get cuntified upon moving to SF? Based on personal observation, it takes about 4-6 months to develop manly inflection in a voice, joining crossfit, wearing sunglasses for no legitimate reason, being constantly glued to i-phone, and having nothing else to talk about besides  career, restaurants, yoga, and Napa.

Sweet and innocent looking fobs – an antithesis to a typical local female.