White Privilege at Chaminade

Three white people by the fire, a cigar on the left, glass of white wine on the right, and serene greenery for a view – life is good and who can ask for more?



Are White Women Really the Gold Standard in Beauty?

hot latin womanHeartiste suggests that white women are the standard in female beauty. I be to disagree. Hip hop artists and car show organizers who are known to be the biggest fans of female beauty in its most “raw” form seem to only be employing women of Latin, Middle Eastern, Asian (predominantly Filipino) and various mixed ethnicity. This is not a coincidence. These women, who act as car show models, go-go dancers, and strip dancers are known for their naturally enhanced beauty and sexuality – wider hips, bigger asses, thicker and smoother skin, fuller lips, thicker and softer hair, and bigger eyes and eye brows – these women seem to just have more overall sex appeal. Further, the fact that the non-white women are on average shorter than white women, makes them compatible with a much larger segment of a male population.

Sure, these go-go dancers, and strippers might not be the classiest women in the world, but that’s not the issue. When it comes to raw physical beauty, women of color are in the league of their own when it comes to objective attributes that make a woman more feminine, as noted above.

Show me a white woman who is a 10, and I will show you an Asian or Middle Eastern 8 who is so much hotter and sexually desirable than that Caucasian 10.