Logical Proof That We Don’t Get The Best Europe Has To Offer

I hear a woman tell her friend: “I was born and grew up in Europe, but ever since I moved to the Bay Area, I never looked back, and I have been living in San Mateo for the past 7 years.” The personality and sanity of anyone who is happy about trading Europe for San Mateo is highly questionable. One thing is having to do it for a large paycheck, but actually being happy about?! Give me a break.

Earthquake Is Not Necessary – It’s Bad Enough As It Is

The major power outage is just an incidental side effect of our third world infracture. New housing is made out of cheap cardboard, roads are cracking and the power lines are hanging by the threads. And did you see those PG&E trucks? We have no right to call other places third world. Many of those “third world” countries have way better cellphone reception, and fewer power supply issues. If developed world means having a bunch of useless apps, bad attitude, and overprice coffee, I will pass.