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At Least 7 Reasons You You Will Enjoy Traveling to Moscow

  1. Your eyes and mind will rest from seeing homeless, needles, smelling urine, and stepping on human shit.
  2. You will not hear conversations about start-ups or work in general.
  3. You will try the best tea of your life in the coolest tea houses ever, many of which are open 24 / 7.
  4. You will see metro that makes Bart look like a shithole (is if it wasn’t, as is).
  5. You will see flower shops everywhere, men carrying flower to women, and couples in love walking and sitting in parks, which will remind you that neither chivalry nor romance are dead. They are just dead in SF.
  6. You will see urban design and architecture that will make SF fill like an underdeveloped village.
  7. You will see real women and hear real, female voices free of obnoxious CA singing inflection and vocal fry.

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The No Hate Special #1

In the spirit of some objectivity, I am going start to periodically treat readers to “no hate” specials:

Here are the places I don’t hate:

  • Osha – consistently good, flavorful food even if too “middle class” for the local doucherati. Ooops, here my hate comes again. I dare you to find a place that serves better lamb.
  • La Mediterranee – an awesome food, reasonable prices, cozy, casual vibe and a relatively non hateable clientele. Also good for eavesdropping.
  • Truly Mediterranean – this hole in the wall stands out as the most authentic middle eastern food in town. Pretty much no other places comes close.
  • The Grove – no matter how much they jack up their prices, how cold their drip coffee is, and how bad some of the dishes are, they offer the type of ambiance that you can’t find pretty much anywhere else in SF.
  • You are welcome to add more relevant places that are not hateable, subject to approval of course.


Men and women, friends and couples, day and night, weekdays and weekends, downtown and elsewhere in town  – all they talk about is work, work, work. “My team” this and “my boss” that. What a blah life. Trips to Tahoe, Napa or event Colombia won’t make up for this otherwise daily, constant grayness of mind and soul.