Street Parking Is Easy

I remember how it was literally impossible to park on Fillmore and in Lower Haight in the evenings not so long ago – back in the day when many coffee shops, that no longer even exist, used to be open pass midnight, and the many dj bars were happening every night of the week. Open parking spots have become abundant ever since the above establishments have been replaced with sterile restaurants that close at 8 pm, make up stores, and fitness studios.

I could never just pull up and park by the Grove on Fillmore. Now, it as easy as it would be in any suburb. I don’t quite now if I should be happy about it or not. Can I be both?

The Bitter Truth About First Impressions

Positive first impressions don’t mean much. Anyone can put on an act for an hour or a day. But a negative impressions mean a lot. If someone acts, or talks, or sounds like an entitled, obnoxious, neurotic cunt (male or female) he / she very likely is one. We have all been there – as soon as you hear someone’s voice in person or on the phone, you smell pain in the ass and you just want to run…

Something Every Future Parent in SF Should Think About

How do you save your daughter from becoming a tatted up, skanked out, entitled Instagram ditz and attention whore who acts like a child all the way through her 30’s and 40’s, mostly caring about make-up, clothes and her social media status?

How do you save your son from becoming a douche a gamer, a perpetual beta, or an arrogant hipster whose life’s purpose is reduced to figuring out how to make an extra buck?

Is moving to Piedmont or Marin the only chance? And do these places provide adequate refuge from the above consequences of growing up in SF of today?

How Meritless Harassment Claims Encourage Sex Discrimination

I have heard a few times a male manager say “I am never hiring another woman” after having to deal with a questionable workplace harassment claim. I wonder if those women who bring these types of claims every thing or realize what a disservice they do the rest of the professional women around. Of course deciding not to hire a woman again just because of one or two claims by one or two women is equally ridiculous, but it still doesn’t make the harm made by those claims any less significant.

Friend Request Accepted

facebook friend requestWhat do you call those relationships that both culminate and end at being accepted as FB friend or a LinkedIn connection? – Some sort of one friend-request-accepted stand? The one let’s-connect-just-in-case-i-ever-need-you-for-anything stand? Or… maybe the one I-am-so-backwards-this-is-the-only-type-of-relationship-i-want-and-expect stand?