Fi-Dining The More Sterile and The More Uninviting, The Better

verde San FranciscoFor over two years I have been walking by this place on Pine & Front and I never even thought of eating there, because it looked like Mixt Greens – just as cold, unappealing, uninviting and granola-like.

Yesterday, I tried Verde for the first time. To my great surprise, I found out that it’s a Mexican joint. Who would have thought?  Between the glass exterior, minimalistic interior, lack of any traditional Mexican / Spanish warm colors, it looked as blah as their neighbor across the street  – Plant Cafe.

Verde pine street San Francisco

I ordered a lemon chicken burrito, which was quite good. It was “white washed” but in a good way because it tasted cleaner  and lacked your typical authentic grease. Pardon me for my unexpected foodie episode.

What a shame it is, however, that even a Mexican restaurant is forced to compete with the neighboring “white” establishments by conforming to the same bland look that makes you want to run as soon as you get your order and eat it anywhere but there. I really hope that the few ethnic restaurants that remain true to their look and feel in SF won’t succumb to the powerful market forces and will not replace their paintings, rugs and wooden chairs/tables and won’t look like an Apple store… or Chiaroscuro.

chiaroscuro restaurant San Francisco



Who Is There To Admire?

unapproachable woman in san franciscoI step out the door downtown and I want to admire whoever I see walk by me. But I almost never do. Most guys who walk by me look way too cocky. And women, even though they might be literally cockless, seem to be just as cocky and full of themselves. I know, I know – it’s a defense mechanism, social mask, or whatever you call it, but it doesn’t change the bottom line – it makes you want to roll your eyes, smirk with disgust disdain and look the other way hoping that maybe, somehow, one day it will change.

The good news is that this makes the very few warm/sweet looking women and friendly, non-pretentious, non-arrogant looking men stand out all the more from the rest. cocky business guy in San Francisco