A Classic SOMA Tech Drone™

soma tech drone

Soul sucking set-up @ Sightglass


The Other “C” Word

“Content” – when I hear this word uttered near me at a coffee place or a restaurant, I immediately lose interest in that conversation, because there will be nothing interesting or personal in that conversation.  It will be more of the same start-up talk that I have heard 1000 times before.

I would much rather hear the real “C” word, as that conversation is guaranteed to be way more worthy of eavesdropping.

This Photo Is Not Photoshopped

This is a real picture taken this morning. Apparently, being bombarded with obnoxious tech / app / marketing billboards on freeways is not enough to remind us who we are and where we live. Now, do we really have to be subjected to gigantic, borderline hypnotic signs like this on normal, conservative looking office buildings? Where does it stop?