More Asian Women in SF Compete for Ms. Testosterone Title

masculine asian womanThe times when Asian women were considered soft, sensual, feminine and physically fragile (all of the above are compliments) come to an end rapidly, at least in SF, as more and more of them can’t resist the pressure of the white female herd to join crossfit / boot camp / marathon training and adopt other traditionally masculine hobbies. As more Asian women in SF engage in that which is unkind to their nature – lifting heavy weights, triathlons, rock climbing, instead of just sticking to the more gentle sports such as yoga / palates, etc.., their reputation for being sexier, hornier, and being more sexually desirable than their white peers is destined to vanish in SF quicker than the cool neighborhood coffee shops.

Surely, the SF tech betas could borrow some of that quickly generating female testosterone to boost their aggression and make it go beyond building another mobile app or ordering another drink.

Sad But Not Surprising News About Our Distorted Priorities

cellphones and sexReading this article about the fact that one third of Americans would rather give up sex than their cellphones for one week, I was not surprised at all. Almost every day I see how the men, who would normally be drooling over a hot girl who walks by them, do not even notice her with their peripheral vision because they are so focused on texting. Who needs vasectomy when you have i-messaging, Viber and Skype?

But then again, if it’s giving up sex for just one weak we are talking about, it should be fairly easy to choose a cellphone over sex, especially for women in SF. After all, so many women are too overwhelmed with their start-up jobs, too exhausted, too jaded and often too depressed to even want to have sex, let alone put any effort into meeting and spending time with those guys who can potentially bless them in the bedroom.

A Message to Women: Ass Guys v Boob Guys

woman with great assEvery time (which is not often enough) I am asked if I am boob man or an ass man, I say something that every woman needs to know and have no doubt about: every guy is an ass guy. If you have a great ass, you are a go. And unless your chest is as flat as an ironing board, no guy is going to push you away. Some guys care more about the size of your breasts than others, but that’s still secondary to your behind and your hips.

On the other hand, nice boobs alone are not going to keep a guy excited for long if you don’t have an ass that fills your jeans properly.