Why Ask for Honesty and Truth, if You Can’t Handle It

The Lululemon CEO might look extra sleazy in this video, but he speaks the truth. Yoga pants are not every one and not for every body type. This is not offensive. That’s just the reality. But who wants the truth? Certainly not the females among us. Generation Y my ass. How about Generation H – for hypocrisy?

The mistake Wilson did is not saying what he did, but forgetting that he was talking to, among others, a large audience of certified American female hypocrites who don’t want to hear the truth, however obvious and compelling it might be.

By the way, as you watch this video, look at Mr. Wilson again and ask yourself whether that’s the face of a guy who created the pants for women’s comfort or for other more “male” and less noble reasons. I hope the answer to this question is as obvious to you as it is to me.

Hypocrisy about Sugar Daddies in the Cloud Goes Viral

I can’t help but love this article about carrot dating by Ms. Grant. Why? Because this exemplifies in the most classic manner, the typical hypocrisy and reluctance the recognize the undeniable nature of dating and sexual dynamics between the sexes.

First, how and at what point of reading this article do you know that it’s written by an ultra-feminist (feminatzi), who is in denial of what both men and women, or at least many of them, want? I say, at the time you read the word “disgusting” in the article title. Right then and there you know that the author is going to put no effort into trying to understand why sugar daddy dating websites work, and she will just do whatever it takes to slam them from every possible angle.

She starts her rhetoric with “Women are like dogs. At least according to the founder of Carrot Dating, Brandon Wade.” 

Contrary to what the writer suggests, Mr. Wade is not entirely wrong. Some women (and men) are a lot like dogs, not to mention the fact that it’s not such a bad thing being compared to a dog.

Not being in denial about being caught in a feminist rage, she goes on:

“Wade is the founder of series of well-known creepy, shallow dating sites for horrible people — SeekingArrangement.com, an online dating website for sugardaddies and sugarbabies; WhatsYourPrice, an online dating auction; andSeekingMillionaire.com, a millionaire matchmaking website.”

Ms. Grant, shallow and creepy or not, it gets a lot of traffic, which means there is a demand for it from both the male and the female side. Love it or hate it – it’s what it is, and there is nothing you can do about it, however noble your intentions might be. If you find that creepy, why don’t you walk into Kokkari, Town Hall, RN74 or any of the other “upscale” restaurant and tell this to all the overdressed, overconfident middle age guys, and desperate-housewife-look-a-like women at a bar, who show way too much skin than they should. Perhaps it’s time to ban rich guys from socializing with women with entitlement mentality who believe they deserve nothing less than the most expensive drink, purse, and jewelry, among other things.

“Bribes, apparently, help spark romance and get a foot in the door. Or as the case may be, a hand in the pants.”

That’s right. It always has and it always will be the case, and the higher the cost of living is and the more demanding the jobs are, the greater the temptation for women will be to seek comfort and shelter (literally and figuratively speaking) from the male leaders of the financial pack.

“A man buying a woman a meal is hardly unusual, or even sexist. But the notion that she is only going on the date for the free food is.” 

But… darling, dinner whores are so common this day and age. Many of them say that going out with a guy who most likely is going to bore them to death is a waste of time so the least they deserve is an ice mean. I kind of see how they would feel that way, and it’s hard to blame them. Most of us guys are indeed sooooo damn boring. If a juicy steak and a glass of fine wine can be a distraction to a mundane, mind-numbing chatter, then be it.

Boston Magazine reported that 30,000 users have already signed up for the app. Who are these people, and what is wrong with them? I hope it’s just morbid curiosity.”  

Ahhh…. I see “users” not “site visitors”, so this “curiosity” is not about checking the site but actually using it. I hope that you, Ms. Grant, find this all the more mortifying.

The author ends her pseudo essay on gender justice with a calling for social change.

“What is not acceptable is the glorification and codification of chauvinism.”  

No, dear – it’s just recognizing reality and working to profit from it in the most legitimate manner. No one forces either men or women to sign up, and all the men who don’t need to bribe women and all the women who have too much pride (and money) to care for sites like that have plenty of options of meeting people, and they don’t need to come anywhere near the sugardaddy websites. And they won’t. Mark my word.


“I am sorry; I didn’t meant to tell the truth”

So long as we apologize for telling the truth, like Peter Shih had to do, we have no right to call ourselves truth seeking, free society. Mr. Shih’s rant was bitter but so well deserved. The only reason he got so many upset, is because it hit their nerve. They recognized the truth in his words.

The tech nerds and the 4’s, among others, had it coming. Finally, they received some tough love. Instead of thanking Shih for a refreshing dose of bitter truth, they acted like I would expect them to  – they got defensive and started firing right back.

Read Shih’s epic list of the things he hates and for such a good reason. .

A Painful Reminder to the President about How Backwards We Are

obama harris newsom most attractive agThe response of the media to Obama calling Kamala Harris the best looking attorney general is as sad and pathetic as it is unbelievable and hilarious. I guess even the very polished, ultra eloquent and charismatic president can get himself in trouble when he forgets for a moment that  that he leads a nation that consists of a large percentage of uptight, hypocritical, narrow minded morons who must be in several fundamental ways much more primitive than cave men. Otherwise, why would so much drama be stirred over something so innocent and so…. true.

I was laughing so hard when I heard some female attorneys and news reporters say that Obama’s compliment was inappropriate and objectifying to women. This is as if he said that Kamala Harris wasn’t smart  or  that he only liked her because of how she looked. Talk about assuming way too much and deviating from the path of any reason due to a feminist stroke….

Luckily, the majority of the people agrees that it’s not a big deal and there is no reason to waste another minute talking about it.  The saddest part for me is the fact that the president had to publicly apologize to Harris for … giving her a genuine and well deserved compliment.

On an unrelated note, a number of compelling observations need to be made about the incident, at least based on the picture above:

* Kamala Harris is a very attractive attorney, who looks like she is not lacking at all in the passion and libido departments.

* Although Obama’s stance is more reserved, the chemistry between them on the photo is undeniable. Even the most gift photographer could not capture this kind of moment, unless the two had strong sexual chemistry.

* Lastly, Newsom’s body language clearly says one thing and one thing only: “These two should get a room, and… I wouldn’t mind joining that party”.

Stop Listening and Start Observing

san francisco flashy cars and douchebagsHow many times have you heard “I don’t care about money” from someone who turned out later to be quite concerned with money? How many times your self proclaimed close friend wasn’t there for you when you needed help  – whether a roof to stay under for a few days or a few dollars to borrow. How many people you know, who start every other sentence with “Trust me….” are not all that trustworthy?  How many times have you had a girl tell you on your date that she is not going to sleep with you to only end up under you in a couple of hours.

So many people in SF love to say how non-materialistic they are, and how they are not concerned with superficial things, and yet so many of them are all about their jobs, stock options, fashion, expensive traveling, fine dining and attention whoring about all of the above on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They might be wearing wrinkled cargo pants and a not-so-fashionable sweater, but as soon as they turn around the corner,  they drive away in their shiny BMW’s to their high-priced SOMA condo, which is as unoriginal as its occupant.

Being a douche in disguise is a very popular style these days in the city, and that kind of a douche is even more contemptible than the ones who are honest about being douches. With the latter, you know exactly what you are getting and you are much less likely to be deceived. Like one of my friends from LA said once: “At least we are honest about being superficial. Unlike you, guys, we are not hiding our nature behind tattoos, piercings, and messy hair.”

The old truth “Actions speak louder than words” is more relevant today, here, in San Francisco, than ever. And, if you truly want to learn about people, focus on their actions and behavior, rather than how they describe themselves.

Hypocrisy in the Media – Another Proof We Don’t Like the Truth

The author of this article on proving that black women are less attractive than women of other races was fired from his magazine for writing this article. So much for freedom of speech and open-mindedness. I can imagine how the magazine management would say: “Look, we didn’t mind the article, but we had serious concerns about how our publication will be perceived by the society, given the inflammatory nature of this kind of article”. Although, this would be a legitimate concern for any business, including the magazine business, this only further proves that we don’t really care about the truth and the facts, but we care much more about the very subjective and flawed perception of those facts.

There is nothing offensive about this article. The writer is not being racist or condescending toward anyone. He is just trying to make an objective comparison betwen races and their attractiveness to the extent possible. He should not have been fired, but in the truly free, open-minded society, his creativity in choosing a subject and writing about it so boldly should have been recognized and rewarded.

Until we abandon this kind of hypocrisy in the media, we don’t truly have the right to call ourselves free society.

Why Defensiveness Gets On My Nerves

defensiveness in San FranciscoWe love to run around and say about how free we are, and yet we get defensive soo often about so many things. God forbid someone gives unsolicited advice to us out of genuine concern or makes a suggestion or criticizes someone else. The “victim” of that criticism is likely to be infuriated instantly. “Why are you judging me?” and “Who are you to judge me?” are the most likely responses. “I am just another human being who shares his opionion, isn’t that enough?” is my most likely response to that kind of exhibition of hypocrisy.

no judgments hypocrisy San Francisco

“No judgments” – the very popular, ever so cliche motto that San Francisco has embaraced so willingly.

Real freedom is not about wearing slutty clothes, or having the latest i-phone. It’s not about having your body covered with tattoos or piercings. It’s not about urinating in an alley or sleeping in Golden Gate park. It’s not about going to happy hours or smoking pot, or begging for money on the street. Freedom is not about having stock options or even traveling oversees. Real freedom and the most valuable freedom a civilized human being can have, beyond the freedom of physical movement, is being free to express his opinions to others, even if these opinions are not very flattering.

While so many of us in San Francisco are so averse to judging and being judged, that very ability of judging the things and the people around us might just be our most significant freedom and a catalyst of most kinds of progress. After all, when you judge, you at least try to make things better.

Hypocrisy – Equinox Style

equinox-2 sexual innuendo posters at Equinox in San Francisco

I find the sexually suggestive posters on the Equinox gym to be both hilarious and hypocritical. Attempting to create sexual innuendo’s at a gym in San Francisco, where people look more unfriendly, more miserable and more eager to separate themselves from the rest of the world with headphones and texting than even on a bus to work, is nothing short of ridiculous. If you were to enter Equinox, you would have found out for yourself that it’s just like any other gym in the city – not only there isn’t a trace of sexual tension in the air, but there isn’t even an interest among both males and females in what’s going on around them. There is nothing in there remotely resembling the kind of dominance, action, dexterity that the posters suggest.

I also assure you that no woman walks on a stairmaster the way shown below, and surely dominance and dexterity are not exhibited in the way that the lower poster suggests.

We Don’t Want the Truth

Today, I went to see a friend who owns a coffee shop to help him out with a legal issue he is dealing with. We approched a service counter and he introduced me to his new employee – a famale in her early to mid twenties. He likes telling one story about me to his employees. Today it was this girl’s turn to hear that story: I walked into the shop one busy Saturday afternon a few years ago, and I noticed that one of the girls who I have been chatting and joking around with and who has been working there for a while, but who I haven’t seen in a few months, looked so much thinner and better. It appears that she lost a lot of weight from his mid section and from hips, but her breats remained as large as they were before. I tried to give her a compliment and I said jokingly: “You look great. You are also lucky – you lost weight in all the right places and you retained weight in all the right places too” Her response was very simple: she picked up a cup of hot coffee and threw it in my face. Given the fact that there were at least 5 people standing behind me in line, it was probably very inappropriate of me to say what I did and cause that kind of embarrassment to the girl and to myself.

But, I find the response of the girl who heard that story today to be interesting. When she heard that story, she said: “Oh, wow, this is something you never say to a girl.”  Having the option of taking that response literally, I can’t help but see the irony. As inappropriate as my comment was, it was 100% true. Did she lose weight in all the right places? Yes. Was she lucky because she retained weight in her breasts, while there are so many girls who are battling losing weight without becoming “flat”? I know she felt good about her blessed genetics that protected her womanly shape despite losing a lot of weight. I know she looked and felt more attractive than ever before because of the increased definition of her chest area relative to the other parts of her body. So, why should a guy never say that to a girl?  I might just go back to that store and follow up with that new girl. I might just suggest to her that there is time and place for such open compliment which is meant to be nothing but flattering. I will also remind her that if truth is what we claim we want, then we should work on putting our hypocrisy aside, at least once in a while, and accept that which we often like to say we want – honesty.