Over 90% Sheep

The vast majority of people around:
do the same thing over and over without giving it a thought;
have the same hobbies and wear the same things as everyone else does;
spend much of their free time drinking and talking about nothing;
consider eating and wine tasting to be hobbies;
do not take the time to learn from their mistake;
do not truly listen to others’ advice;
start their messages on dating apps with “hey there”;
go to sports games not because they are really interested in the game but because everyone else does;
work out not so much for health reasons but because it’s the trendy thing to do.

Conversations That Make My Sheep Allergies Flare Up

  • Comparing / contrasting living in SF and LA
  • Comparing / contrasting living in SF and NYC
  • Comparing / contrasting living  in East coast and West coast
  • Napa
  • Tahoe
  • Traveling and searching for self.
  • Restaurants
  • Housing issues
  • Parking issues
  • Dating issues

I am sick of hearing how cool Austin is. It isn’t. I am tired of hearing how cheap Phoenix is. And I don’t care about the hiking trails of and food trucks of Portland either.

I am so done with the above topics. It has all been stated and over-analyzed before way more than it deserves.  Spare me from more of the same bs.  Pretty please?

The Customer Isn’t Always Right, and So Isn’t a Pedestrian

demanding customer entitlement san franciscoYou often hear people refer to French as assholes. But they are not. They are just not big fans of one of our core and most unattractive quality – sense of entitlement. And the French are not afraid to show how much this obnoxious signature US trait bothers them.

We are used to thinking that just because we pay someone for something, they have to dance around us to please and cater to our every little need in person or on the phone. That’s not how it’s done in France or many other places.

The customer is not always right. In fact the customer is often wrong, too demanding, inconsiderate and plain rude. The American customer has been spoiled for decades, so it’s not wonder he acts like a little baby when he opens his wallet.

The same applies to pedestrians. I have bashed road rage before, linking it to our herd mentality, but in drivers’ defense, I have to say that I often can’t blame them for being pushy. SF pedestrian are just too damn slow and casual when they cross the street. They know that others around them are in a hurry to get somewhere but they don’t care. Like their shopping, their walking is also governed by sense of entitlement. Because the rules say that cars have to yield to pedestrians, they take advantage of it, strolling slowly across a road and in so many words telling the drivers “Fuck you, you will wait as long as I want you to wait.” When you need to get somewhere as soon as possible, it’s only natural that you will get angry.

Lululemon Too Sheer Pants

The Lululemon recall of pants that were too sheer was a mistake. Instead of taking off the shelves that which every girl has been waiting for, they should have used it as an opportunity to give women what they want and capitalize on that. Making the yoga pants more sheer, or preferably see-through is the next logical step in the evolution of the I-need-to-look-like-a-slut-when-I-work-out fashion. I honestly hope that the recall wasn’t due to the customers’ complaints, as no girl, as ditzy and hypocritical she might be, should not be complaining about something she wanted so badly all along.

Making thinner pants for Lululemon should be analogous to Apple going from I-Phone 4 to I-Phone 5. Minor differences that don’t require much investment or innovation, but good enough compel the San Francisco female herd to stand in line to get it.

The More Gentle Term for Herd Mentality

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone use the term “herd mentality” in San Francisco. However, the other, more gentle term that means essentially the same, is used quite often: “jumping on a band wagon”. The next time you hear this, know that it translates to “I don’t have a mind or preferences of my own and I rely on others to tell me what to like and how to be cool.”