One Simple Exercise For Growing Your Balls Back

pair of tennis ballsHere is an easy and fun exercise to start working on getting your balls back – when you walk by an attractive woman, check her out overtly and turn your whole body while looking at her as(s) she is walking by you. You don’t need to worry about creeping her out in SF. There is a 98.5% completely glued to her phone, so she won’t notice that you are looking at her, or she will act like she didn’t notice. The challenge is for you to be noticed by others around breaking the social norm of not checking out women (i.e. acting like a castrated beta).

At first, it will be a somewhat embarrassing, because no one checks out women anymore (except construction workers and men of darker minorities in general). Be ready to get a few dirty looks not just from the female passers by, but also from the whipped guys around you when you finish looking at a woman and turn back. But with time and practice you will learn to proudly look back at them with the looks that says “Don’t you dare to try to shame me, because I didn’t do anything wrong. These days, in this low-libido town, not looking when you want to might just be a much bigger crime.”

Sexual Betafication

I am sitting on a couch at the Hipster Philz in the Mission. As I turned to my left, I noticed the guy next to me looking at a photo of a girl in a bikini on some random magazine type blog. As soon as I looked, he quickly changed the page back to his e-mail. Not that long ago, his response would have probably been nodding at me and asking me if I thought she was hot.

I won’t lie, I think I have also been neutered this way. Despite all the shit talking about herd mentality, I haven’t been immune from social conditioning, and I too wouldn’t feel comfortable if I was in his place, at least if this was taking place in SF.