“Harassment” at SoFi

How dare Fanlo compliment women on their attire. After all, the last thing they want after spending thousands of dollars in (virtual) department stores and many hours in front of a mirror, laying one foundation on top of the other, is to be rewarded with a kind word from their superior. This conduct clearly falls into the sexual assault category. It’s no surprise that this “news” is delivered by a reporter with a hyphenated name. Enough said. #me-too-delusionalsofi harassment

A Disturbing Picture On LinkedIn

I have never even though of how a man’s tailored suit would look on a woman. The idea of it, let alone the image, is repugnant to the very notion of femininity and grace. Normally, when you look at a person’s mid section it should be very obvious whether it’s a man or a woman, but this outfit sims to complete eliminate that distinction.

When I saw the posting below, I was hoping that the woman wearing it was lesbian, as that would be one valid reason to accentuate the masculine , but … it appear that she might not be, since she is a mother. This is one example of taking feminism way too far.

tailored suit for women

Dressed not to impress but to utterly depress.