One Bank Encourages Entitlement

There is something profoundly wrong with starting any statement with “I expect…” It literally telegraphs obnoxious sense of entitlement and (white) privilege.  It’s one thing when you say “I wish” or “I hope” or “I appreciate” or “Would you be able to do this or that for me?” but it’s an entirely different story to say that you expect something. It just sounds so wrong, so lame and so… San Francisco lately.

white entitlement in San Francisco

Why White People’s Entitlement Mentality is Destined to Grow

There are two main reasons why anyone, and specifically white people, will have an entitlement mentality. It’s beause they think that (1) they are special; and (2) they are better.  As minorities,  and specifically the Chinese and the Mexican people, will become the majority, while white people will become a smaller minority in the next few decades, the latter will inevitably feel more special and more entitled. Being part of a smaller group will make them feel even more unique and deserving of the best that this world has to offer than ever before. This will continue until the white race is completely intermixed with other races and its pure form completely disappears. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 20 years or so, when the number of white people in the San Francisco Bay Area dwindles down to 20% or so, we will start seeing exclusive book clubs or other kinds of white-only establishments pop up, that in so many ways celebrate white superiority.  white people entitlement mentality

Half the Looks, Twice the Stance

half the looks twice teh stance in san francisco

Half the look, twice the stance near Equinox.

Confidence is an admirable quality, while insecurity and low self esteem are traits that we know hurt us and in more way than one. However, there is a such a thing as too much confidence and self-esteem that’s too high without much to back it up. Excessive confidence and self-esteem that’s too high are far more annoying, especially when at best average looking  women have a stance that suggests that they think that they look like models.Do they stand that way on purpose? I don’t know, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the energy that they convey with their “I am the shit” demeanor, which might be a turn-on sexually to some guys, but such a turn off in every other way. This ties into that sense of entitlement, more common among San Francisco’s white residents, which are often accused of being “vanilla” and not just physically. Watching and observing women who stand like that is bitter-sweet, and is the second best thing after wasting hours on watching reruns of Jersey Shore, or Montel. Often half the looks go together with both twice the stance and twice the attitude, which is a particularly obnoxious combination.