Peet’s Douchified

Peets on Market and 2nd

Market & 2nd Street Peet’s – Perfect new outdoor stage for acting douchy, overconfident and entitled during “meetings.”

Capitalizing on Loneliness

The newest in turning loneliness into business are the so-called lifestyle communities – companies that try to “connect” “interesting” people locally or globally for networking events, dinners, happy hours, etc.  Asmallworld and Ivy University are the two that have been most heavily advertised lately, especially in Facebook.

I very much appreciate and admire the idea, but the reason for their emergence is so damn sad. I also can’t help but laugh at their suggestion that you will make friends for life. I seriously doubt that forced, artificial social situation give birth to real friendship all too often. I hope I am wrong as I do with these types of companies the best of luck, and … maybe it’s the beginning of some type of new movement.

The selection of a photo for Asmallworld’s promotional posting on Facebook is soooo good at encapsulating the essence SF douche / cunt scene.

asmallworld photo douchebags