Time To Tighten Our Belts

It seems that many restaurants in town figured out a clever, sneaky way of charging us more. Instead of turning off their customers by actually raising prices, they downgrade the quality of dishes served and shortchange us on the ingredients that cost the most:

salmon sushi

Salmon sushi with barely any salmon in it. 


The Worst Meal of Year 2017

It tastes even worse than it looks:

house of prime rib

@ House of Prime Rib – 25% fat, 50% cartilage, traces of edible meat and 100% disgusting.

The Land of Bad Restaurants

salty oily trout

Salty, oily trout with cooked lettuce. It tastes far worse than it looks.

There are well over 1000 restaurants in San Francisco and…. they all suck regardless of how many Yelp stars or Michelin stars they get, except maybe a few exceptions.

Every trip to yet another “hot” spot is a consistent disappointment. The same minimal, sterile, modern decor, hipster-douche clientele, ultra bland, oily and way overpriced and over-hyped food. My new resolution is to stop expecting anything during my future trips to any local dining establishments. After all, they as that he who has no expectations cannot be disappointed.

Last night was yet another gourmet fiasco. How do you make chicken wings and salmon skin taste exactly the same – like an oily styrofoam? – Why rape trout with tons of salt and grease? And how did I earn the punishment of being served a cooked lettuce?

I am always most puzzled by the same thing – how is it that everyone else around is so excited about the shitty food they are eating? And how do they get themselves to rave about food that’s borderline inedible? Are all others really that fake that they can’t show even the most mild sign of revolt against bad food? Or they just don’t know any better?