The Worst Burger Yet

Reviews prove to be worthless over and over. After reading on yelp about the “amazing food” at the new “hot” restaurant in town “Vault 555”, I ordered a burger that didn’t taste like burger … or meat. What the hell was it? I tried to finish it, but I couldn’t. I tried to force myself to take another bite to only run to the restroom and spit whatever that was into the toilet. I then had a sudden craving for “In and Out” or even “McDonald’s”. How unsophisticated of me… I know.

My fault, however. This has happened dozens of times and I still won’t learn a lesson. It’s about time to realize that popularity and reviews have nothing to do with quality when it comes to … anything.


Time To Tighten Our Belts

It seems that many restaurants in town figured out a clever, sneaky way of charging us more. Instead of turning off their customers by actually raising prices, they downgrade the quality of dishes served and shortchange us on the ingredients that cost the most:

salmon sushi

Salmon sushi with barely any salmon in it.