The Saddest Fact About Dating Events

I very much appreciate all the effort that different organizations have been putting recently into throwing different dating events such as happy hours for singles, speed dating, and anything else to get people away from swiping and toward looking at each other and interacting with each other in real life.

But, the sad part is that the people who show up to those events are so jaded and so (emotionally) used up that they don’t have even the slightest hope for meeting someone who they could fall in love with. This type of possibility is not even in their mind or on their radar. They treat those events as any other social gathering – they go there out of boredom or because they have nothing better to do that night. They are not even open to the possibility of meeting and connecting with someone. They keep their behavior and their conversations at those events as casual as humanly possible, so that God forbid no one suspects that they are being inappropriate or that they “harass” someone by showing any type of romantic interest. These people don’t even know what love is as it has been a long since they experienced it, observed it or even saw real passion and chemistry on the screen. They probably don’t even know what they are missing out. Can they even be blamed for it?

And, when everyone acts like this, the chances of anything good happening at those events are far below 0.001%.

Desperado Missed Connection Posting Of The Year


It’s not a surprise that the most desperate MC messages are posted during this holiday season, aka desperado season. This is the time of the year when everyone looks noticeably friendlier and less miserable than usual. These are a few weeks when so many wonder what they have accomplished this year, realizing that a few more stock options, glasses of wine, and trips to Tahoe don’t quite cut it.