Why Burning Man Is Becoming More And More Popular

The less this city has to offer in terms of feeding the soul with great arts and music, and the more life here is reduced to eating, drinking and texting, the more desperate people will be for an escape from that type of meaningless and often loveless mundane. And, as the struggle to keep up with the cost of living intensifies, so is the desire to forget about it all, even if only for a few days.

Burning man is like a steroid injection. It’s an effective pain relief but its effect never lasts for long.

Can Clubbing in SF Cause Nightmares?

I never thought that going out clubbing in the city would put me at risk of having nightmares after seeing so many women with botched faces, shaved off noses, and stretched foreheads. And the more “upscale” the party is the more of this you see. It’s almost like looking as a hostile humanoid has become a sign of status and socioeconomic prosperity. It’s scary how it looks, and even scarier – where it’s seems to be going. Clearly, we have no right to make fun of LA for being plastic, as we are hardly behind.