50 Shades Of Homogeneity

When you move here from a place that has nothing but strip malls, you are ok with having nothing but generic shit around you. No wonder more and more chains stores pop up downtown.

When your digitalindian engineers at a cafe in san francisco screen is your world, you don’t really need any other world.

When your mind and soul are consumed with paying bills, little or no space is left for anything deeper, more meaningful, and more moving. And no – “fine” dining, and alcohol don’t count.

An Idea For Mr. Benioff

Make the Salesforce Tower twice as high, and make all the employees both work and live there so we never have to see them anywhere else.  Open a few douchy bars and overrated restaurants downstairs to ensure that they never leave the premises except for pilgrimages to Napa & Tahoe.

salesforce tower san francisco