An Unexpected Way To Make The “What Do You Do?” Question Sound Even Worse

This morning a new reader sent me the screenshot below from what must be a dating site. He wanted to know whether he had a valid reason to be annoyed with the “What do you do?” question, as it appears in the message.

I have shared my annoyance with the “What do you do?” question on more than one occasion before, especially when it was the first question asked. However, I never realized that it sounds even worse and more lame when it pops up randomly and for no good reason in the middle of an otherwise normal conversation or a message. It just begs for one big WTF.

what do you do?


Ten Secrets to “Living to the Fullest” in SF

  • Join an obscure fitness club / boot camp / martial arts class / ballet / circus for  for $200/month or more;
  • Go to as many happy hours during the week as you possibly can;
  • Go on as many superficial OkCupid / Match dates as you can;
  • Spend as much time on Facebook and Instagram as possible, tagging/liking other people’s business;
  • Check out as many greasy, overrated restaurants downtown as possible;
  • Write extensive, expert-like reviews on Yelp of your aforementioned trips to happy hours and restaurants and/or blog about your dining experiences and expertise;
  • Be part of every typical weekend traffic jam to Napa or Tahoe;
  • Cancel on your friends or flake as often as possible;
  • Tell everyone how “busy” you are and how much of a crazy and hectic week this was for you;
  • Tell everyone about how life is short and how you live life to the fullest. They have probably never heard it from anyone before, so you will be showing them the light at the end of their tunnel.