Lunch Exercise: Overcoming SAS (Smartphone Abandoment Syndrome)

Next time you take a lunch break, consider leaving your phone back in the office. Fuck “urgent” work e-mails,¬†texting, news, Facebook, etc… Take a total break from it all and and truly reclaim your lunch break. Just be with yourself for that half hour or an hour. Let your head go into the direction it would otherwise go without being drawn to inane updates and news. Let your eyes look at what they want to look around. At first, you might experience SAS anxiety – like something is missing, but once you overcome it, it will be very liberating. And if your lunch friends ask you why you don’t have your phone on you, tell them proudly: “Why should I?”

Zombie Apocalypse

She is playing Pokemon Go during lunch time.  Apparently,  she wasn’t staring at her phone enough before, so we needed a game to take away the last few precious, screen-free moments left in her life.  

Woman texting on Sam Francisco lunchtime

A lovely way to spend lunch time.

Sad But Not Surprising News About Our Distorted Priorities

cellphones and sexReading this article about the fact that one third of Americans would rather give up sex than their cellphones for one week, I was not surprised at all. Almost every day I see how the men, who would normally be drooling over a hot girl who walks by them, do not even notice her with their peripheral vision because they are so focused on texting. Who needs vasectomy when you have i-messaging, Viber and Skype?

But then again, if it’s giving up sex for just one weak we are talking about, it should be fairly easy to choose a cellphone over sex, especially for women in SF. After all, so many women are too overwhelmed with their start-up jobs, too exhausted, too jaded and often too depressed to even want to have sex, let alone put any effort into meeting and spending time with those guys who can potentially bless them in the bedroom.