(Not So) New In Ride Sharing: Lyft CuntLine™

  • Available between 5 and 7 pm on any route that brings you from Fidi to Marina or Russian Hill.
  • You are pretty much guaranteed to be stuck with mean, angry looking, stressed out, antisocial “professional” females, who think they are all that, and who won’t take their eye off their phone.

Message to Women: You Got What You Wanted

You were complaining for years how men “disrespect” you by checking you out, staring at you, trying to hit on you, and now what? You go out to fancy, douchy bars after spending many hours and hundreds of dollars on clothes, blow drying your hair, and putting tons of make-up on. You act all desperate, trying to be noticed by acting all too excited and all too loud when out, and no one hits on you. Men don’t even look at you, let alone check you out. Is that you really wanted?

The No Hate Special #1

In the spirit of some objectivity, I am going start to periodically treat readers to “no hate” specials:

Here are the places I don’t hate:

  • Osha – consistently good, flavorful food even if too “middle class” for the local doucherati. Ooops, here my hate comes again. I dare you to find a place that serves better lamb.
  • La Mediterranee – an awesome food, reasonable prices, cozy, casual vibe and a relatively non hateable clientele. Also good for eavesdropping.
  • Truly Mediterranean – this hole in the wall stands out as the most authentic middle eastern food in town. Pretty much no other places comes close.
  • The Grove – no matter how much they jack up their prices, how cold their drip coffee is, and how bad some of the dishes are, they offer the type of ambiance that you can’t find pretty much anywhere else in SF.
  • You are welcome to add more relevant places that are not hateable, subject to approval of course.

Time To Tighten Our Belts

It seems that many restaurants in town figured out a clever, sneaky way of charging us more. Instead of turning off their customers by actually raising prices, they downgrade the quality of dishes served and shortchange us on the ingredients that cost the most:

salmon sushi

Salmon sushi with barely any salmon in it.