How High Commercial Rents Waste Your Time

I went to pick up a suit from alterations this morning at Suit Supply. It was around 10:15 am, the “off” time when most people are working, or at least pretending to work. As I entered, I saw four other moderately douchy guys waiting for service. Long story short, it took about 15 minutes for me to simply pick up the suit and leave. Not to sound super entitled, but it shouldn’t be taking this long. It wouldn’t take this long if the store didn’t have to pay the type of rent that make hiring an extra one person to attend to customers so difficult or possibly – cost prohibitive.

This is not a criticism against Suit Supply. I like them, and pretty much everyone in SF agrees that this is one of the very few stores that sell decent + suits in town. They are busy. They get a lot of business all day long. Good for them. I just wish that their operations weren’t stifled by high rent, and their service reps weren’t stretch so thin because of the reality we operate in.

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Our ADD Is Getting Worse

Earlier today I got a call that the contact lenses I ordered have arrived. When I went to the store to pick them up, I found out that instead of ordering two boxes for each eye, they ordered two boxes total. This type of absent mindedness is almost expected these days.

Just pray that somehow, magically this decline in our attention doesn’t infiltrate our military, aviation, and other industries where the consequences of this worsening ADD are much worse than mere inconvenience.