Three Companies That Will Continue To Capitalize On Our Loneliness And Boredom In 2018

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Desperado Missed Connection Posting Of The Year


It’s not a surprise that the most desperate MC messages are posted during this holiday season, aka desperado season. This is the time of the year when everyone looks noticeably friendlier and less miserable than usual. These are a few weeks when so many wonder what they have accomplished this year, realizing that a few more stock options, glasses of wine, and trips to Tahoe don’t quite cut it.

Stop Chopping Off Noses

It has become completely acceptable for women to  destroy their faces in all kinds of ways, the most prominent of which is probably cutting off noses. Most women don’t need and actually look less attractive and weird with abnormally straight / pointed noses.

persian girl with a nose job

She must have been better looking before she shaved her nose off.