Hating gets a bad rap, but it’s quite underrated – especially in San Francisco, where everyone is sooooooooooo positive and sooooooo non-judgmental. Hating is fun and liberating. Maybe even detoxifying at times.

The cool thing to do around here is to worship this city and “enjoy everything it has to offer.” How many people out there dare to openly hate on San Francisco? This is such a socially unacceptable thing to do. Hate is both empowering and entertaining, and those who are afraid to hate must have thin blood in their veins, diluted by exaggerated belief that everything is relative, and by their paranoic reluctance to judge anything or anyone, even when judging is exactly what something or someone need so deparately.

Hate is an emotion – it’s a strong and important emotion. We have the ability to hate for a reason. Hate has a place in our life, and it would be both foolish and hypocrtical to deny it it’s place. What fun would it be to admire and love something or someone if we didn’t hate something else at the same time?


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  1. Being a senior college student at the Academy of Art, you are one hundred percent right. My university is right smack in the middle of the FiDi. I just cannot stand the pretentiousness of it all. Two pretentious restaurants right next to my school, Mourad and Trou Nourmand. I even regret transferring to my university from a community college. AAU is overpriced and charges so much for poor quality education. The people, the vibe…I can’t stand it at all.

    • HI, Alek. Thanks for sharing your sentiment. I could totally see where you are coming from. I was actually supposed to go to Mouard with a few friends, but a I can hardly find middle eastern food defiled by being white washed to be appealing. I always wondered what the secret to AAU’s success and being able to just buy more and more buildings…

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