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  1. I was at gym tonight watching the news from the treadmill. Not to go politics on your blog, but as I watched I see Kamala Harris playing the race card on Joe Biden. Have you forgotten Kamala that he was VP to OBAMA? Obama was only half black in her eyes maybe? Or that’s just what the Left has to do for default now when they see a white male? He does deserve some credit for standing up for the little guy for several decades now. It’s insulting for her to play the race card so quickly while trying to stand out… The next story on the news was that AOC is calling out SF’s very own Nancy Pelosi… Saying she is singling out women of color and making things hard for them in congress. Wow. It’s amazing how this under 30 crowd feels so victimized. I guess they walk on a college campus these days and you are immediately told how horrible the U.S. is and if you are female or brown person that you are a victim of a horrendous nation. And if people disagree with you, then of course they are a bigot. Well, if they are white they are a bigot, if they are female or brown then they are labeled as what? Out of touch, ignorant, uncle tom? So Pelosi doesn’t go along with everything the new star wants so she gets the racist card thrown at her. This has gone way too far. These little poops at some point need to get off the couch and do something for themselves besides being a victim. You can only tax the wealthy so much… And it’s going to be real hard to provide housing, college, health insurance to every person that wants to be here and sit on the couch all day netflixing and getting high. I link this post to your picture above because as I was witching these very liberal women now attacking each other in politics, and they’re supposed to be on the same team…. I kind of feel sorry for these modern ladies. The message they are getting is this: Marriage and sticking with a man is for the weak, be sexually free, don’t be slut shamed, explore your independence, men are horrible, it’s a man’s world and they are keeping you down. Don’t be sweet or kind, be strong, strong, strong and work your ass off so you can be powerful and go to lots of happy hours and buy fancy purses and shoes. Freeze your eggs so after you’re done playing and screwing half of Tinder you can have that baby all by yourself. Don’t show femininity because it is weak. Being a married mom raising her kids is for under achievers. …. So I’m thinking now getting all those messages is not easy for these young ladies either. They’re trying to figure things out while getting a A LOT of advice from miserable people. It sucks being a man in this era…. Dealing with all these angry chicks and all these rules and all these feelings and victim mentalities. The problem is the left is obsessed with changing the natural order of life. Some things needed work, but they are also just really messing things up. I have a prediction that not long from now, maybe 15 years…. Leave it to Beaver will be a huge hit show again in reruns (it’s a tv show from the 60s with a nice traditional family and life). People will be so miserable with all this freedom and man shaming, female empowerment, loss of commitment and civility that they will watch The Beav with starry eyes and think OMG there used to be a time when families and people actually acted like that? … With class and dignity and stuck together? (No tattoos by the way). Women didn’t have to be turbo fit and sexually free, and men could be strong fathers of discipline and structure? Now I’m not saying all that was perfect or real, but I do think at some point soon people will start to miss some structure in their lives instead of this chaos. Humans thrive under structure and focus, and team and support. Casual sex and no family structure doesn’t end well. Maybe AOC attacking Pelosi will be a tipping point of this ridiculousness… And we can start to focus on what makes us strong and productive again instead of just sitting around complaining about how we need more handouts and less judgement. We need more judgement. Anyway…. I’m just free ranting here. Not sure if it even will make sense, but I’m not going back to proof read. I can’t save the world, I’m not perfect…. But I am trying to improve and figure out what actually works, not just some idealistic dream that I push through relentlessly whether it works or not. Thanks for your recent pictures and posts… Always fun to see. It’s funny that Nancy Pelosi is now considered a moderate.

    • @ Pedro – those are some compelling words of wisdom. I was hoping that they tide was going to turn sooner than later, but I suppose we haven’t hit the liberal / progressive rock bottom hard enough yet before we wake up and start moving in a different direction. Given your ideas and opinion, I can safely assume that you know who Roosh is? As you may know, he is coming to SF in September I believe … are you planning to attend?

      • Hitting liberal rock bottom is a good way to put it. I hope it’s coming soon. ….surprisingly I don’t read/listen to blogs other than yours since I enjoy the SF focus. I had not heard of Roosh. I just did some quick research and I found a lot of negatively towards him and bad labels. I see how he used to be a pick up artist and now has matured into a god fearing man that wants more from life. I can relate somewhat to his journey. I would also say whether you love or hate him, he has done a lot of thought on human behavior. I find it quite fitting that he “transformed” around his 40th birthday. That is a time when people start to realize that acting like a selfish 23 year old is no longer funny. What’s sad is the wave of these people is just starting… We’ve got a long way to go. Historically, culture forced us into relationships and family around 23 years old (give or take), now with liberalism we are taught to do what feels good now. You be you. No judgment, no matter how ridiculous it is. So we play and play then wake up at 40 and go damn, what’s really going on here? It seems Roosh is now frustrated that liberalism, by telling women to live for the moment and not hold their vagina sacred anymore, created a world where pick up artists could do “well” with women. This also created an empty life for the PUA by sending them down an empty path of addiction and games themselves. But it all seemed so fun at the time. Then 40 comes. I’ll consider the event, seems very interesting…. And dangerous in SF. Thank you.

      • Well, thank you. I am quite flatter by your attention and I will continue at it. I am amazed by how quickly you managed to get a pretty good picture of Roosh. He is a talented, captivating writer with some great ideas. I don’t agree with him on everything, especially not with gay and Jew bashing, but overall he is a genius IMHO. I admire his courage to do what he has done so far and his writing skills, regardless of the content. I also don’t agree with him that he was wrong in pursuing women and being a PUA and somehow he became enlightened now. He simply move on to a new stage of life. He did what he thought was right, right then and there – when he was younger, with higher sex driver and with way more curiosity about travel, women, pick-up, etc. He changed, the world and the local scene has changed. I found his work of teaching men how to pick up and have sex with as many sluts as possible while preaching to women to be less promiscuous and save themselves inconsistent to say the least, and I am hoping to have the opportunity to ask this somewhat outdated question when I go to see him in person. Totally dangerous in SF. So far, after going to NYC, Philadelphia an a few other cities, he had no issues, but we know that SF is worse. He does weekly video updates about doing these events in the East Coast and giving a brief overview of his impression of different towns that he is driving through on his tour, which is quite interesting. Can’t wait for his roast of SF. A few years go, he promised to me by email that he will never come to SF, but as we all know life often takes unexpected turns.

  2. Thanks for the info and insight. I’m intrigued. Will do more soul searching and reading. The question of how women should treat non-committed sex is a good one. Traditionally women had to be reserved with sex, and that kept men in check too. Now, it’s just a mess for a lot of people. It’s a complicated and many layered subject…. Oppression vs dysfunction. I’m wondering if oppression is always a bad thing? If I told my kid not to eat ice cream for breakfast, liberals might call that oppression. Certainly the fat dysfunctional ones would. That takes me to another place, why are the most messed up people often forcing their opinion of how life should be lived down our throat?

    • Very interesting observation, sir. With regard to your last question, I have a strong feeling that this is just our typical pattern of behavior – when we are not convinced of something or are unsure of something we do, we push it on others to reaffirm our own position.

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