If I Went To School Today, I Could Have Been A Surgeon

If I went to school in SF today rather than in the early 2000’s, I would have so much more time to study, especially in the evenings. Pretty much all the local dj bars I loved to go to for music, dancing, vibe, people watching, and where I spend many nights are long gone. Between a few (dying) douchy restaurants, and the remaining uninspiring, to put it mildly, bars  – there is little to no temptation now to be out past 9 pm.  I can imagine that I would be studying on average at least  3 hours more today than 15 years ago, which could have easily amounted to an extra degree. The only thing that can stand in the way of studying today is Netflix, Instagram and a few other similar distractions. This is very benign compared to the FOMO of not going out we used to have back in the day.

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