Unapologetically Degenerate

2 thoughts on “Unapologetically Degenerate

  1. So much pride shoved down our throat this month. I’m ready to vomit. Not that I’m anti-pride. I should however, in a so-called “Free” country be able to just walk down the street in my own 3 foot bubble and be able to be me…. Without having several special interest groups shoving their agenda down my throat, and the underlying attitude of if you don’t go all in on this that you’re a bad person. I’m living my quiet, dignified life, and leaving people alone. No promotion or discrimination. I really try to judge a person on merit and if they can be part of a functioning team. Be you, add value, live clean, don’t hurt, stay out of my face. It shouldn’t be that hard. I wish others would do the same for me. Thanks for your post.

    • Your words speak timeless, undisputed truth. You are way (over) due for a guest article. On a similar note, I used to say that a true freedom and equality for black people is going to come when the “n” word lose all power and doesn’t bother anyone, i.e. people become indifferent to it, because it became irrelevant. This might take a while though…

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