When Liberal Becomes Disturbing


1 thought on “When Liberal Becomes Disturbing

  1. Using a facade of empowerment and victimhood to sell stuff with shock and sex. Looks like manipulation from a marketing agency. Maybe walking off BART with your 6 year old child and seeing that is not the best thing… Although some would debate all that. Also, why do we have to “honor self expression”? We get told constantly now to be respectful and supportive of self expression, even when it’s lame and destructive. On another note, I saw at the Giants game they had a rainbow striped SF painted on the grass. Very proud, like the shorts. ….Maybe you should swing by the new basketball arena and see what’s going on over there…. It’s funny that for a long time when the Warriors stunk, it was cool for them to be in Oakland. Now that they’re good, SF built them a new arena. We’ll see how long that love lasts.

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