I Want To Be Proud All Year Long

10 thoughts on “I Want To Be Proud All Year Long

  1. Your blog is great. Thanks for the effort. …the question in my mind right now is; when we all are living in a completely selfish, short sighted, empty soul, poop filled California…. Where the only thing celebrated is diversity, happy hour, dogs, and “Likes”, will the people and their values that drove us there realize what they did? My guess is no. Dysfunctional people don’t know they’re a mess… They usually think everyone else should be doing things more like they do.

    • Hi, Pedro. Thanks for your kind words. You are asking such an important question that in one way or another has been on my mind for so long. Indeed, the most disturbing thing is not what’s going on, but the people’s reaction or rather lack thereof and absence of any type of revolt. They are either too intoxicated from weed and alcohol or are too wrapped up in, and stressed out b,y their start-up life to have any time or physical / mental energy to care and do something about it. As someone who isn’t originally from the US, I must applaud the local population’s resilience. They will be gushing with (fake) joy and will have a permanent grin of satisfaction on their faces no matter how bad things are and how much this city loses of what made it known and admired in the first place. Under the risk of sounding too negative, I think it might take take something really big and bad to wake dysfunctional people up. Not necessarily a natural disaster or a war, but maybe some kind of economic collapse. I don’t wish this upon us, but if that’s what it takes to turn things around, then the price we will pay might just be worth it.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I enjoy your theories and philosophies. I’ve been catching up on some posts from a few years ago. Good stuff. …Some people certainly are metaphorically fat, drunk, and happy right now, but i mostly just know people that are unaware. They don’t have any awareness of better ways… They are just simply swimming in the bubble of whatever is around them. They don’t know how to critically think or say no, and they don’t have sociology degrees or read books on how to have healthy connections and meaningful relationships. I think we’ve all been force taught to be so nice and tolerant of all things stupid now, we just mope along. …Unless a person is older and grew up in a different era of values, or came from a more reserved family or culture, they have no clue that there are other more productive and fulfilling ways to live. I also think that many people are stuck in terminal adolescence now. Some people spend their 20s and 30s partying and going after self-centered enjoyment…. Then they wake up one day at 40 or 45 and realize, dang, I’m not going to live forever… this silly stuff I’ve been doing that seemed so important really wasn’t very important at all. But it’s too late then…. This is our modern “empowered” culture of victimhood and ultimate freedom that we have today. As the song says… “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose…”. On another note, i have seen a few economic bubbles burst, and it does take the air out of some of this fluff…. But i think we’re beyond that now. Stupid is growing, and the masses are eating it up and building their life on it. They all want to live Kardashian style. Anyway, all is not lost. I do know a few people still doing it right. They’re in long relationships, they have self control, they are kind and reasonable people, but not too tolerant. My goal is to find people like that and keep them around me… And to keep myself on the right track… Away from the fluff and stupid.

    • Thanks a lot again for your very thoughtful message that triggers so many things that I would like to say. There is absolutely not enough hate and revolt against what’s going on. Hate doesn’t have to be violent or oppressive – it just has to be some form of collective “we don’t like it, we remember better times and we want to fix things…”
      For years I naively thought that social media, reality TV, all kinds of vanity and stupidity are just part of the cycle that’s gonna go away and be replaced by better things. I couldn’t imagine that things will continue to deteriorate.
      We regard to relationships – I have been lucky to be in a relationship with a very special woman for the last 7 years. I can’t even imagine meeting someone remotely worthy today… in SF. Even if today’s local woman is attractive, elegant / conservative looking, emotionally stable and doesn’t spend all her free time worrying about fitness, diet and make up, she is probably so consumed with her job and career and she has virtually not “juice” left for any type of romance. I know there are great women out there. There are very few in this area, maybe more elsewhere.
      Do you have any interest in contributing a guest article? 😉

  3. You write all accurate and good points. Maybe it is possible that society, or a big enough group will start to tire of the dumbing down, relaxing of all standards, and all the short term thinking and start to push back and the movement will catch fire. ….It’s true that slavery to the job and the drive for equivalence (as you once wrote) is killing the chance for many men and women to be together in LTRs, make babies, and raise them in a mentally healthy way to grow up and repeat. We need to find a new balance. Maybe we will…. New freedoms take time to settle down and find what actually works. Some people find it, some other individuals/cultures/families are stuck in generations of self destruction. I don’t claim to be an angel or unscathed by this society myself. The temptation to live for the moment is all around and always tempting. It’s easy to become addicted to chasing the quick and empty thrill. Thank you for the idea of contributing. Let me see what comes to mind. It would be an honor.

  4. The commercialization of the “cause of the day” is shameful, and the conformist nature of it is nauseating and belies the notion that they are being different. And why is the absence of demonstrative evidence proof that a person or business is against it? It’s like fools who can’t see that “restroom” means the same thing as “all gender restroom.” I’ll wear a Pride shirt, just not during Pride month. I’ll wear it in November, when everyone else is on the “thankful” bandwagon.

    • Totally agree. I realize that the gay community suffered so much in the past, but why is this pride thing getting bigger and bigger every year? And great point. The moment you say anything or the moment you simply don’t put your “pride” on display, you are labelled as a bigot.

    • 🙂 Somehow hate attracts the most articulate people who have the most interesting things to say. But then again, is it really hate or simply a cry for something better.

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