The City Is Dying And No One Cares

2 thoughts on “The City Is Dying And No One Cares

  1. I know this is a hate blog — and I enjoy it very much as such — but I care. Forget the past SF; no one can bring it back. Hell, I don’t even know enough of it myself to re-create it even if I wanted and was able to.

    My plan, you may ask? Well, for one I am coming back to SF at the end of this year. I’ve currently been away for a little under a year to spend time with a friend back home, however, I miss SF very much. In spite of all the bullshit, and actual shit, there is possibility and grist to work with. I make no ridiculous claim of transforming the city by myself or any such thing, however, I wish to carve out a space and share it with people who are interested and interesting 😉 If SF is figuratively in a state ashes then I guess it’s time to take that phoenix off the city flag and fire em’ up!

    Keep up the hate though! It’s essentially honest, doesn’t dissuade those who care, and makes it easier to reject what is thoroughly worth rejecting.

    –Signed a hater who cares.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and my apologies for the delay in reply. Yes, with all the hate, I usually miss SF after being away for a few days – in part because other places are often worse, and in part because – let’s admit it – hating is kind of fun. I appreciate your support and will continue hating. Welcome back to SF.

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