The Marina – The Land Of Hi-T Women

high testosterone woman in San Francisco

Who to blame for this mutation – SoulCycle? – CrossFit? 

2 thoughts on “The Marina – The Land Of Hi-T Women

  1. I think style is just a byproduct of wanting to fit in. Granted, this woman may be going to or coming from a workout, but this is also an acceptable look in the Marina for going out at night. Put the same woman in Beverly Hills, and there’s no way she’s in that attire because almost every other woman will be in a dress and heels. It’s hard not to conform to one’s surroundings. I’m not singling out women because men are largely the same. I’d gladly outlaw backwards hats if women agreed to do the same with yoga pants after 8pm. 😉

    • Thanks for your thoughts and good point. With all the sheep mentality bashing, I often wonder whether the larger benefits of conformity outweigh the downsides. Perhaps this is part of our self preservation instinct?

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