The High Cost We Pay For The High Cost Of Living

Even popular, well attended cafes, theaters and other venues that made the life here more than just work and drink continue to disappear, because the numbers just don’t add up in their favor with the current cost of rent.

So many cafes, restaurants, and stores close way too early for a “big city” because staying open later makes no financial sense to them given the high cost of labor.

More and more “for lease” holes pop up everywhere, staying vacant for years and making the city uglier and uglier.

I remember that moving here 20 years ago and working for minimum wage in retail and security while going to school, I somehow made it work for myself as a student, renting a decent size room for $500 in the Panhandle. Today, there is no way I would have a roof over my head here if I had the same job, so I wonder how much harder the life of student today who is in a similar situation as I was back then.

lombardi sports sf

coffee grind sf nob hill grill closed

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