Why The East Cut is So Dead

the east cut san franciscoI am sure that like me, you have wondered at one point or another why the East Cut – an area with quite a few residential sky rises and with many thousands of residence more than capable of living it up – is a total ghost town after working hours. There are several objective reasons for it:

  1. It’s an aesthetically repelling place to walk around. Who wants to walk around through ugly building and broken roads surrounding the bay bridge, especially when there isn’t a pleasant destination to hang out in an immediate vicinity. I am not optimistic that the Transbay park is going to make much difference in the evenings.
  2. There are literally no cafes that are open by 5-6 pm in the area.
  3. Real ballers just uber from one restaurant / bar to another. They have no business or desire to walk around their residential area, and they probably don’t feel all that safe doing so in the evenings, no matter how much they spent on their high priced “luxury” condo.
  4. The same ballers spend a lot of time out of town and out of the country.

I was tempted to name the are Eastcunt, but consider the sausage fest that pretty much all of Soma is, it really doesn’t fit it.

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