Evolution of S(l)eep City

First, there were tons of late night internet cafes where you felt welcome to hang out till early hours of the morning and cool dj bars that played drum and bass, breakbeat, trance, or any other soul tickling noise.  Then, came social media and online dating. Girls quickly learned that showing the goodies off on Instagram and Tinder is so much easier than putting all that time into dressing up and getting ready to go out. As women stopped going out nearly as much, men lost their incentive to go out as a result as well. This killed at least 75% of all of those spots.

Demanding tech jobs and obsession with working out shifted many if not most people’s schedule, where they started getting up earlier to try to squeeze in a yoga or crossfit class before work and hit the sack by 10 pm. This and high commercial rent has and continues to kill the few remaining coffee houses and neighborhood music bars that just can’t survive on happy hour and a very sparse weekend crowd.

The most recent nail in the local nightlife’s coffin is an obvious one – the city is dead during summer as whoever has money has gotten the fuck out to travel to far lands or to live somewhere else long-term and work remotely. As this place costs more and more and has less and less to offer, and as you realize that you just don’t get what you pay for – you will continues seeing this cities descend into becoming not much more than another suburb, except dirtier and smellier.
seep city san francisco



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