Men and women, friends and couples, day and night, weekdays and weekends, downtown and elsewhere in town  – all they talk about is work, work, work. “My team” this and “my boss” that. What a blah life. Trips to Tahoe, Napa or event Colombia won’t make up for this otherwise daily, constant grayness of mind and soul.

4 thoughts on “Booorrring!

  1. As a SF resident of 10 years, I share your hate for the awful pretentiousness of this city, and generally get a good laugh from your blog. And I agree that people in this city talk about work way too much.

    But from your previous posts, it’s obvious you also have a distaste towards the boring quasi-suburbia of Silicon Valley and Scottsdale Arizona (just two examples). What’s the solution?

    To me, the solution is (and has always been) to get the fuck out. Leave the city behind. Leave the suburbs behind. Go move somewhere along the Central Coast or Oregon coast, read lots of books, go surfing and ride my motorcycle all day, date some local woman who paints and helps manage a resort inn, make occasional trips to Portland or SF to get my fill of culture.

    But of course, one needs to work to sustain such a lifestyle in our modern capitalist society. Maybe that’s why a lot of people in SF talk about work all the time. Maybe a lot of us working in tech know it’s a bunch of bullshit and useless apps, know it’s a bunch of ego and pretension, and quite frankly just don’t care, because if we do this shit for 10-15 years, we’ll have enough saved up to buy that house off the Oregon coast, live off our investments, read a bunch of books, surf, etc etc.

    At least, that’s how I see it. And you seem to be someone who has lived in this city for quite some time while working in some sort of white collar profession. I imagine that means you have enough wealth saved up to move to 95% of the places in America, many of those locations allow one to live a more pretension-free life. So I have to wonder, given how much you hate San Francisco, why not quit? Why not take the wealth you’ve accumulated and move away? I’m not asking this question as some sort of insult, I truly wonder about that – why older Bay Area denizens with the means to do so and an understandable hatred of Bay Area entitlement don’t move somewhere to retire early.

    I’m actually one of those techies who you greatly dislike (tech sales, to be precise). I harbor no delusions that what I’m doing is important, or saving the world, or some such bullshit. I simply see my profession as the easiest way possible for me to quickly accumulate a large sum of wealth at a relatively young age. I’m 2 years away from reaching a pre-set financial goal, at which point I’ll move away from the entitled shithole that is SF and go into early semi-retirement. There are a lot of people like me in this city these days. Oh, we may talk about how passionate we are about our jobs, but it’s all an act. Some techies believe all the bullshit, but there are plenty who just see this area as the best place to scrape money off the crumbling American capitalist machine. Given the cutthroat nature of the economy these days, can you really blame us for wanting to grab as much cash as we can, before the current iteration of a tech boom goes kaput?

    • Thank you for your thoughts. Most of your assumptions about me are 100% true, and you are asking a very good question. We all read the article that went viral about how nearly 20k people left SF this past quarter which is a record for any city for quite some time now. I guess the reason I am not moving is because I can’t imagine living in a place that’s slow and lacking in energy even if it’s as beautiful, green and affordable as Oregon / Washington. But, I have to admit that I never tried. I also know that spending somewhere a couple of days is not enough to tell me whether I would like living in a certain place. I actually don’t hate techies at all. Many of my good friends are techies and I know that they come in all shapes, sizes, flavors and personalities. Some are obnoxious in one way or another and others are great and in more way than one. It’s the effect that the industry had on other things that this city used to have to offer that I don’t like.
      Your plan sounds as good as it is popular these days. I have a few friends who cashed out and moved to other states or Latin America. I really enjoyed reading your comment as clearly we think the same in so many ways and it makes me feel good to know that my hate is not an anomaly. Perhaps I will follow your path. Perhaps I haven’t matured to that level of taking action yet.

  2. Thought i would add to this well written reply. I am here for the same reason, cash. i grew up here many years ago in the Marina, and am also in the IT field. I am one of the rarer old systems guys who rolls his eyes when hearing stupid app talk after work hours. I am a network big picture guy who manages others while also being the most senior on the team. So I am here as I have a well paying job, am at the max of my high salary range, and am just counting the years as well. I have seen so much change in this city, and except for some landscape improvements, almost all of it for the worse.
    I am married though, so I cannot do the 2 more years and i can semi retire plan, she simply spends too much. lol. We do have a couple condos in another state we will eventually retire to and live cheap. She also loves the city where I would leave in a heartbeat if I could.
    Life rolls on, let the bitching continue.

    • Thank you for your insightful. Behind all the fake smiles and exaggerated excitement, there are more of us, haters, out there than meets the eye, which is comforting. I know exactly what you mean. In a sense, I am envious of those people who moved here recently, because they don’t know any better in a sense that they didn’t experience a better SF, but then this begs question – doesn’t every generation feel that? I would think not to the extent that we do, because previously the changes must have been a mixed bag of the good and bad, but over the past 10-15 years, it’s hard to see much good that the new times brought to this city.

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