Blind Puppies

Voluntarily surrendering power is a rare phenomenon in our species. This is what makes the extreme, paralyzing anti-harassment policies so uniquely disturbing.

How is it that men have decided to put their balls in a can?

Why do men leave their workplace welfare at the mercy of those who can falsely accuse them of harassment at any time out of spite, jealousy, for attention, or for any other irrational, ill intended reason?

And lastly and arguably and most importantly – why haven’t men created a meaningful recourse to discourage false accusations and punish those who try to ruin others’ lives and reputation?

Men must have become puppies that don’t quite realize how damaging this path is to our workplace dynamic, morale and motivation.

3 thoughts on “Blind Puppies

  1. It’s not that men voluntarily surrendered power. Its more like women taking back their power. Previously, women simply gave up thinking locker room talks were never going away. Making it miserable for women to come to work. It’s a real problem. What’s rare are stories that are made up. Otherwise, it is actually pervasive and he’ll for most women. Decent men aren’t giving up their power, they are empowering these women who have been miserable because they simply understand.

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