A Classic SOMA Tech Drone™

soma tech drone

Soul sucking set-up @ Sightglass

5 thoughts on “A Classic SOMA Tech Drone™

  1. I live in Seattle and almost every observation you have made about San Fran may as well be about my city as well. The parallels are all the same, its a yuppified boring tech city with no soul. I could go on and on but i’m sure you get the idea. When my lease up in the next month or so I am leaving, I am just curious why you have choose to stay in San Fran if you truly hate it that much.

    • Thanks for sharing about Seattle. Of course, all things equal SF is worse because it’s so much more expensive than Seattle. But you are asking a very good and valid question. I have been asking this myself for a while now. It’s almost some type of weakness. I guess the reason I am still here is the fact that there are quite a few things that I still very much like – the natural beauty, friends I made, ability to walk everywhere and knowing that I simply can’t live in a suburban environment where you have to drive everywhere. And also – the nearby alternatives are not great. If a town is cheap, it’s crap. And if the town is nice, then you don’t really save anything but only add commute to your life.
      Now I am curious – where will you be leaving?

  2. As much as I hate the tech drones as well, i actually like this device as it would seriously help my neck avoid hunching. When i need to see my phone i try to always hold it eye level as well. looks weird but if i gave a damn about what other people thought i would be…normal, ie. a sheep? I prefer sheepdog.

    • 🙂 I should try the device before I talk about it, or otherwise I sound like I talk out of my ass. Thanks for the input. I guess my problem is just how it looks in public. Can’t quite put a finger on what the problem is.

      • it probably is that he is a reading a book as well as having headphones and phone on desk. overload!! At least he won;t have to talk to anyone, whew!

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