Critical Dating Tips for Guys in SF

Just because she acts interested, doesn’t mean that she is…

fake flirting at illy cafe san francisco

3 thoughts on “Critical Dating Tips for Guys in SF

  1. A woman who approached my friend and I in the Marina told me “you’re an 8.5 in SF, but you’d be a 6 in NY.” I don’t know what confounded me more – the hypocrisy of shamelessly using the same rating system women decry guys for using, or the fact that even an 8.5 wasn’t enough to hold sway, as she and her friend bailed shortly after introduction. So, yeah, just because you’re an 8.5 doesn’t mean she’s interested. 🙂

  2. Just curious, what is your ethnic background and how has your experience been meeting women in the city? If I’m not mistaken, I hear that it is especially tough for Asian/Indian/Indigenous-Latino guys (basically, any non-white/Euro looking guy). Basically, they’re seen as the bottom of the dating and social totem pole (even by their own women) despite the politically-correct BS that’s spewed forth among the city’s professional elite.

    • Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. I am a European Jew. What you hear is true, but it slowly changes. The new generation of Asians and Indians who have an American accents and who do well professionally are slowly mixing with women of other races. Of course, they still faces the same problems that every other guy does when meeting and dating women, which I can elaborate on, if you like.

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