A Morning Date at Saint Frank

This morning I had the pleasure of sitting right next to a date at the one of my favorite coffee shops to hate. The date started around 11:30 am (does it even count as a date) and I got a chance to hear every word. They were both in their early / mid thirties. Both looked attractive nice enough. Surprisingly the guy didn’t sound like a douche and the girl didn’t have an obnoxious voice that you would normally would expect in this part of town. Go figure. The conversation itself was not too hateable but it was soooooooooo boring. They touched on every single cliche topic you can think of – from starting with “where are you from?” and “what do you do?” to traveling, preparing for half marathon, hiking and rock climbing, Napa / Tahoe. It was literally the whole package. If cliches were stones, they definitely left no stone unturned.

The surprising thing is that the girl was very good at acting interested in that conversation. Maybe she was..? After all, why would she want anything other than that. I am not sure I know how that date ended, because about 30 minute into it, I just couldn’t handle it anymore and had to leave when it became unbearable – i.e. the conversation about favorite restaurants.

I also realized how annoying the word “cool” is when used to endorse or appreciate something, when repeated too many times. There is something so painfully casual about it. Here is just a random example.

  • Did you grow up in the area?
  • Yes in South Bay.
  • Cool.

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