Rejection Proof

I met up with a friend a few days ago who (a) has about a dozen job offers; (b) hundreds of friends responding to his Facebook updates and ready to hang out with him on short notice; and (c) a separate folder on his smartphone with just about every dating app that’s out there. I know for a fact that he has gone out on hundreds of “dates” off of those apps. He is beyond laid back. He doesn’t really expect anything from anyone. If he is not offered a job after a job interview, why would he care, if he has all these other offers. If a friend flakes on him last moment, why would it bother him if he can message tons of other people to hang out at that moment? And, if his date doesn’t go all that well, I doubt he will even remember her name the day after, considering his highly active pipeline.

For better of for worse this (type of) guy is invincible or immune from any type of social or romantic disappointment. I am pretty sure that after all this dating “experience” he is virtually incapable of falling in love and obsessing of any one woman. That’s a very safe way to live, which also so damn unexciting.

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