This morning I paid $4.61 for a cup of coffee at Siteglass. And for the record – it weasn’t a pourover; it was a drip (like I give a f-ck). Under the risk of making a grossly outdated statement, there is something with this. But… who is more wrong – they are for charging or me for willing to pay?

I am just curious – at what point would people say “enough… we are not putting up with this shit, and we will go back to making our own coffee”. What would be the threshold? $7? $15?

siteglass coffee

I left a 39c tip to make it $5 even so I can really hate myself for this.

5 thoughts on “$4.61

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the idiots standing in line and waiting for Philz …driiiiiipppppppssssss and paying that much. I always laugh at them walking by.

    • I know.. totally insane. What about a line at Salt and Straw on Fillmore. How do people have time / patience for this? I don’t know if we should hate this or admire / envy their patience.

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