Recommended Frequency of Watching CNN

If you are quite unable to watch CNN with perfect frequency, i.e. – never, then the second best options is to not watch any more often than once a month. The reason I say this is because I have been on vacation for the past 2 weeks and haven’t touched a TV during this time. When I turned on the TV upon return, guess what – they still talk about Russia’s meddling with our election. Really? Isn’t anything else important going on here or elsewhere? Are all the wars over? What about natural disasters?

The worst terrorist attacks only give us a very short break from this lingering Russia bs on the news. I think we deserve a longer break.

3 thoughts on “Recommended Frequency of Watching CNN

  1. C’mon man, don’t you know the new coordinated plan is now Obstruction? Comey messed things up by saying they never investigated Trump directly so they had to pivot. And with the new investigation, Mueller is almost done hiring all of the Clinton Doners to investigate…something..

    • Ouch. Thanks for filling me in. I guess I missed what I am missing. It’s funny – they talk so much about Mueller, but he did he appear and speak to the media formally yet? Just wonder if his voice and demeanor have a thunder.

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