A Deeper Reason For Why Sterile Design Is So In These Days

Have you noticed how pretty much every new bar and restaurant looks like Blue Bottle morgue type facility? It’s hardly a coincidence. What do people find so appealing about empty spaces with white walls and large windows? I will tell you exactly what  – it goes back to the good old attention whoring. Who wants to sit in a warm cozy lounge with small or no windows and hide from the world, when you can put yourself on display by sitting at a wall-to-ceiling window? And if it’s really bright inside because of the white interior, then you feel like you are on a lighted theater stage to draw even more attention to yourself.

The truth is that we are craving all this attention because because we don’t get enough of the quality attention. No amount of Facebook likes, Match winks, and Instagram followers will replace an actual live flirting, turning around and checking out each other and giving each other tastefully sexual compliments at the right time and the right place. Attention is similar to many other things – when you don’t get the quality, you are desperate to increase the quantity. Thus, we are drawn today to places where they can feel like window decorations. Sad but unlikely to change any time soon.

blanc and rouge

Blanc & Rouge on Grant – one of the very few remaining cozy places downtown – is closed for sterilization, i.e. remodeling, not to mention the super lame new name.

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