Over 90% Sheep

The vast majority of people around:
do the same thing over and over without giving it a thought;
have the same hobbies and wear the same things as everyone else does;
spend much of their free time drinking and talking about nothing;
consider eating and wine tasting to be hobbies;
do not take the time to learn from their mistake;
do not truly listen to others’ advice;
start their messages on dating apps with “hey there”;
go to sports games not because they are really interested in the game but because everyone else does;
work out not so much for health reasons but because it’s the trendy thing to do.

3 thoughts on “Over 90% Sheep

  1. More power to the 10%ers! I used to always think something was wrong with me since i liked to go against the grain on everything (and i am not talking about dyed hair, I still look normal). It takes a long time to be comfortable being different and a leader. I embrace it no and laugh at all the followers , but that is human nature, especially with females.

    • Thanks for your input. Very much agree. Following has quite a few benefits. Is there any (scientific) explanation as to why the drive to follow among women is greater than among men overall?

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