It’s So Clear It’s Not A Date

A good friend shared a funny incident.  He asked a girl to hang out. They agreed to meet for a drink or coffee or whatever a few days a later. She then sent him a calendar invite, which he kindly shared (below). I can’t think of a better way for a girl to make it absolutely clear to the guy that it’s not a date, because this gesture is so damn unromantic. Surely, a woman who has any hint of potential romantic interest in the guy will remember when and where she will be meeting him, because that’s something she will be looking forward to. Of course, the confusing Tinder / Bumble sausage pipeline can interfere, but not to the degree where she wouldn’t remember meeting a guy and making a connection in person.

A lesson to all: if you actually want it to be a date or hope it’s a date, for god’s sake do not send a calendar invite.

calendar invite from a girl


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