Don’t Laugh At Nazi Germany

trump-naziIt’s now very clear that one person can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants in our “free” country and no one really cares. And if marches is the best we can do, then we have a long way to go toward even being noticed, let alone make a difference.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Laugh At Nazi Germany

    • These detentions and deportations of today are truly scary. There is a protest scheduled for 3 pm at SFO international arrivals today. I consider going and I never going to anything like that.

      • Were you protesting when Obama banned Iraqi’s for 6 months in 2011 or does that not count since the press let him do anything he wanted? I thought you were smarter than that, falling for the hype and Soros protest (yea just a coinkerydink that exec passed friday and Sat protest in key airports (yea, thats the ticket!). Oh well. By all means, go and make more traffic, that will help the cause /s

      • I never said you were, I was also just making an observation as well since no one complained then of the hypocrisy in the press and people and how it even influenced you,. Just saying i thought you were pretty open minded and make fun of the cucks and cunts here, but you were thinking of joining them is all. thanks for reply, I will still read ya 🙂

      • Ok thanks for clarifying. I didn’t end up joining them. It’s just that a lot of my good middle eastern friends started panicking, so I got a little scared too. We knkw that good or bad – trump leaves for attention like Kardashians so we will see something colorful from him every single day.

      • True, but again he is getting things done and you never hear one good thing ever. Has any nominee EVER done what they promise? At least he has so far.
        He did go a little too fast, my wife is Persian and he forgot to exempt green card holders (one of her relatives got stuck but then let through). He corrected that right after but of course you don’t hear that either. There is just so much blind hate for him i get pissed, and t only strengthens mine and others resolve. That Trump guy getting knocked cold in the airport and the Soros protesters kicking him is not helping their cause. They really have no idea how bad the optics are, especially since noone listens to the media anymore after being so obvious. have a good one.

      • I totally agree. I never trashed trump just to trash. Is he a bit lacking in class and sophistication? Sure, but if that’s what the majority wants they should have it . I have tremendous respect for the amount of energy and motivation he has to do all this and deal with all this crap at his age. I know he’s really really eager to make a difference and I’m hoping that his intentions are good. I’m very very familiar with the persian Community here. Now I wonder if you and I actually know each other. I think one of my Persian friends knows every Persian woman in the area socially or professionally

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