In SF, The “May Be” Has Been Dead And Buried For At Least A Decade Now

The "May Be" Has Been Long Dead in SF from john hate on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “In SF, The “May Be” Has Been Dead And Buried For At Least A Decade Now

  1. Sensuality. Seduction. Sexuality. Sophistication. Like the “maybe,” they also infer “suggestion.” It is extremely rare to find any of those characteristics in this town. I was in a high-end hotel bar off Market last night and the demographic couldn’t be more juxtaposed with the surroundings. I am continually dismayed by the complete lack of stylistic effort put forth by the entitled mentality that has parked over the city like a fog. “Why should I try to look nice or attractive for anyone? I’m just supposed to have it if I want it.”

    • So painfully true. This major component of social, urban, romantic, cultural, human an sexual life is missing. Since when looking like shit is considered making a statement of being open minded.

  2. I was recently out with a friend and met three attractive women in Walnut Creek (two at one bar, one at another). The one by herself moved from LA recently, as did one of the pair at the other bar (her friend was just visiting from LA). They all dressed very well. I told them I occasionally went to a wine bar in Danville after work (as wine was the topic of conversation) and they both said they’d be interested in going, without me so much as implying we should go. I gathered their numbers within a span of about two hours. Here’s the kicker. I’m married with two kids, and I did not try to hide it (I just like talking to attractive women). Almost without exception, that would never happen with women in the Bay Area, because they’re so hell-bent-for-leather on using nights out at bars to find a boyfriend/husband instead of just having fun. I hope more women from places like NY, LA, or Miami start flooding this area, then the whole “empowerment of women” sham that is SF will bite them in the ass because they’ll have to compete with women who are 10x as hot and nice as them. It’ll be just like feminists pissed off at losing out their bathrooms to transgenders. Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it. 😉

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