An Idea For Mr. Benioff

Make the Salesforce Tower twice as high, and make all the employees both work and live there so we never have to see them anywhere else.  Open a few douchy bars and overrated restaurants downstairs to ensure that they never leave the premises except for pilgrimages to Napa & Tahoe.

salesforce tower san francisco



2 thoughts on “An Idea For Mr. Benioff

  1. It would be great if they could make it large enough to contain all of DreamForce, too. One more “DickForce” conference to endure with JP Morgan this month, and then we’re free of the most intense “bro” inundations until the next SalesForce and Oracle conferences start it up again late in the year. You know what would be a major “disruption” to this place? If they actually had a cosmetics/fashion type of event where it would be mostly women attending. But I think there’s a law against that sort of thing in SF.

    • Omg, I was just thinking exactly this. Super annoying – every year exactly the same bs, traffic, and sausage fest. JP Morgan event should be moved elsewhere. The city is already full of guys, why do we need a prison week with a million guys in oversized suits running around being obnoxious and getting drunk. We are definitely overdue for some kind of HR or nurse or elementary school teachers conference to being women and hopefully normal ones that bring the much needed beauty and femininity, even if temporarily.

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