Sexual Betafication

I am sitting on a couch at the Hipster Philz in the Mission. As I turned to my left, I noticed the guy next to me looking at a photo of a girl in a bikini on some random magazine type blog. As soon as I looked, he quickly changed the page back to his e-mail. Not that long ago, his response would have probably been nodding at me and asking me if I thought she was hot.

I won’t lie, I think I have also been neutered this way. Despite all the shit talking about herd mentality, I haven’t been immune from social conditioning, and I too wouldn’t feel comfortable if I was in his place, at least if this was taking place in SF.

4 thoughts on “Sexual Betafication

  1. There are many women who will classify SF men as spineless or pussies because they aren’t aggressive enough like East Coast guys, but fail to realize that the men act that way because those very women have shamed them for that behavior. 🙂

    • So true!!! Ultra feminism and making it a crime to check out a woman or compliment her is the reason they guys have been conditioned to act neutered. But why here out of all places? This city has all the reasons and all the potential to be romantic and exciting and to have love and sexuality in the air.

  2. It’s not just here. I moved from Minneapolis, and it’s worse there. My take is that it’s bad in any area that has an oversupply of women. I think all places also have a culture of conformity, so once something takes hold, even a mindset, it’s hard for people to shake. Nobody, particularly women, want to feel like they don’t fit in. A woman I knew who moved from Seattle sat next to me in a Danville bar one night and lamented, “I’m never going to fit in here.” I asked, “why would you want to?” Fast-forward a couple of years, and she’s now part of the in-crowd, as it were. I liked her much better before she was “assimilated.” Sad.

    • So true. I true notice that herd mentality is a very powerful force for women especially. Sometimes it helps them and sometimes it hurts of course. This must be the main reason they are like this here. They move here and consciously or subconsciously adopt to the local attitude very quickly because it’s so cool to act like a bitch here. I think the problem with Minneapolis is in some ways the same as here – too “liberal”. My niece goes to Macalester college and she keeps making fun of all the vegan, environmentalist, bds, hipster freaks. I suppose the attitude often comes in the same package. Although, the “busoness” women must be getting the attitude from some place else – high wages, top schools, pop culture, and being told to act like they are God’s gift all the time.

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