An Essential SFDouche™Accessory

Light brown dress shoes… they are becoming more and more popular downtown.

light brown dress shoes

Douching it up in FiDi


4 thoughts on “An Essential SFDouche™Accessory

  1. Damn, I might be guilty as it looks like my pair of Cole Haan because I couldn’t justify the $790 for the Gucci. 🙂
    I’d think this would be classified more under SFSnob than SFDouche, though. Typically, a d-bag wouldn’t sport a dress shoe to save his life, although there are exceptions.

    • 🙂 It’s ok, sir. None of us are perfect. I now have to think about a distinction between SF Snob and SF Douche. I don’t think I have ever crossed the $200 mark on buying shoes… How much am I missing out?

  2. If you search for “Gucci Strand leather Brogue Lace-Up Shoe w/Web Detail, Brown,” you’ll see that it’s a bit more than just a brown shoe (mainly due to the stripe). I don’t think it’s worth $790, but it would definitely be a good conversation-starter for women, at least with those who care about their own collection. 🙂

    • Wow…. impressive and just flashy enough. I am not sure I have what it takes to pull those off, but… as they say – it’s a state of mind. I don’t think I have ever even touched anything made by Gucci.

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