Social Promiscuity

Is social promiscuity any less damaging than the sexual one?

Is wasting time on meaningless social events one after the other, and meeting “new people” who you will most likely never see or hear from again that much better than having meaningless sex once or twice with random people who you barely know till you move to the next target?

Is going out on date just for attention and validation any better for your soul than sleeping with the same people, if you care about them just much little?

And, finally – is having many “friends” who you meet you for a drink once every few months that much more forgivable than having a few friends with benefits on rotation who you recycle?

Perhaps it’s time we realized that focusing on quality rather than quantity is as important socially and as it is romantically and sexually. Meaningless social interactions are just as big of a waste of time and damaging to our soul as the sexual ones. The irony of course, is that the two often go hand in hand.

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